Disk management console view is not up to date

Published: April 6, 2019 · 07:16 PM \ Applies to: Troubleshooting, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1

In this short article, learn exactly how to deal with "The operation faicaused complete because the Disk Management console check out is not up-to-date" error in Windows 10/8/7.

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Windows operating units comes via Disk Management snap-in loaded which you have the right to use to create volumes, initialize disks, assign letters to disk volumes and so on.

Recently, we came about complying with error while assigning letter to disk volume in the Disk Management snap-in:

The procedure faibrought about finish because the Disk Management console view is not up-to-day. Refresh the check out by making use of the refresh task. If the difficulty persists close the Disk Management Console, then restart Disk Management or restart the computer.


As per the over error message, we refremelted the see and also even rebegan Disk Management snap-in but tright here was no readjust in the instance. If you’re also dealing with this concern, you have the right to alternatively asauthorize the letter to disk volume utilizing diskpart, the command line-tool equivalent of Disk Management snap-in. This technique is mentioned in FIX 1 listed below. Or if you still desire to go ahead with Disk Management, attempt FIX 2 stated below and deal with this concern.

FIX: The Operation Failed To Complete Because The Disk Management Consingle View Is Not Up-To-Date

FIX 1 – Via Command also Prompt

1. Open governmental Command Prompt.

2. In the bureaucratic Command Prompt window, form commands pointed out in bold and also press Enter key:

diskpart Opens command-line Disk Management (DiskPart)list volume Lists all volumes availablechoose volume # Replace # via volume number you desire to assign letterasauthorize letter # Rearea # with the alphabetical letter you want to assignexit Exit from DiskPart tool


3. Cshed Command also Prompt.

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FIX 2 – Via Device Manager

1. Press

 + R and type devmgmt.msc in the Run, hit Enter key to open up Device Manager snap-in.


2. In the Device Manager window, expand Disk drives or Storage volumes. Right click on the disk volume through which you’re encountering this worry and also pick Uninstall.


3. In the confirmation prompt, click Uninstall button.


4. Finally, click Action > Shave the right to for hardware changes. This need to reinstall the storage volume and consequently resolve the issue.

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You can currently go to Disk Management and also inspect if you have the right to asauthorize the letter to disk volume. You’ll realize that the worry is reresolved.