Disk defragmenter is currently using customized settings


When trying to run Disk Defragmenter, an error message pops up “disk defragmenter was reserved making use of one more routine.” What causes this issue? How to resolve it? Now, let"s explore these concerns along with MiniDevice.

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In order to optimize your tough disk or manage disk fragmentation, you may have to usage some Defragmentation Software. Disk Defragmenter is a extensively offered Microsoft energy that have the right to be used to boost tough disk performance. Sometimes, yet, you may obtain the error message “disk defragmenter was booked using an additional program” once utilizing this tool.

What reasons this error? If you changed the schedule of the disk defragmenter in the Task Scheduler, you may enrespond to the disk defragmenter was booked another regimen error. Besides, a faulty hard disk drive and also third-part software conflicts have the right to cause this error.

Besides, if your tough disk doesn’t meet the minimum necessity of cost-free room to run the routine, you might enrespond to this error. So, we recommfinish you deleting those unvital files or programs to free up disk area.

Now, let’s watch how to deal with disk defragmenter was booked making use of an additional program.

Fix 1.Repair Your Hard Drive

A damaged difficult drive could be the cause for disk defragmenter was reserved making use of one more regimen error. So, you have to inspect if your tough drive damaged or has actually any type of other errors. Here’s just how to carry out that:

Tip 1. Open This PC (Windows 10), and also then right-click the impacted drive that you encounter the error and also select Properties.

Step 2. In the Properties window, navigate to the Tools tab and click the Check switch to examine the disk for errors.


Tip 3. If tright here are any hard drive errors, this tool will certainly immediately examine and also deal with them for you. If haven’t found any errors on the drive, you still deserve to click Shave the right to drive in the pop-up window.


Once the procedure completes, restart your computer system and also examine if disk defragmenter was scheduled an additional program error is addressed.


Fix 2. Modify the Disk Defragmenter’s Settings

If the above method can’t assist you solve the Disk Defragmenter error, you have the right to try making some adjustments to its settings. To do so, follow the measures below:

Step 1. Press Success + R secrets to open up the Run dialog box, and then kind taskschd.msc in it and also hit Enter.


Step 2. In the pop-up home window, navigate the adhering to route with the left sidebar.

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Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows > Defrag

Step 3. Double click the ScheduledDefrag section in the middle to open up the cause settings. If this job is disabled, right-click it and choose Enable.


Step 4. Navigate to the Triggers tab and click the New switch to erected a brand-new time trigger.


Tip 5. Now, you have the right to collection a scheduled job based upon your requirements. Here you deserve to set it to create on One time, Daily, Weekly, and also Monthly. After the create time is erected, click OK to save the alters and exit.


Step 6. Rebegin your computer system and also check if the worry “disk defragmenter is currently utilizing customized settings” is addressed or not.

Fix 3. Stop all Running Third-Party Apps

Sometimes the third-party programs choose Norton Antivirus, Disk Optimizer are dispute with the Disk Defragmenter. These running programs have the right to cause disk defragmenter was scheduled an additional program error. To solve it, you have the right to stop them in Task Manager.

Tip 1. Right-click the Taskbar at the bottom of your computer system screen and also select Task Manager from the conmessage food selection.


Tip 2. Under the Process tab, right-click the third-party software application and select End task. Then repeat this step to end all running third-party software.

Step 3. Relaunch this program and watch if you resolve disk defragmenter was scheduled making use of one more program error.

Fix 4. Reinstall the Disk Defragmenter

If all the over methods fail to work-related, you might have to take into consideration reinstalling the Disk Defragmenter. Here’s how to carry out that:

Step 1. Type %Windir%Inf in the Search box and hit Enter.

Tip 2. Find a file called dfrg.inf in the pop-up home window, right-click the file and also select Uninstall.

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Tip 3. Wait some time for this procedure to finish, close the window, and also restart your computer.



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