Disc image file is corrupted windows 10

I have actually a huge library of different IMG files (largely from archived floppy disks). Whenever before I open up one through Windows Explorer, I obtain an error message that reads Could not mount file. The photo file is corrupt.

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I can confirm that the IMG documents are not corrupted. They open simply fine in a Windows XP virtual machine (which likewise suggests I have the right to extract them to my hold via a common folder).

The online floppy disks I was trying to open up were MS-DOS 6.22 Supplementary Disk and also the Windows 95 (and also ME) Boot Disks.

Why don"t the papers job-related in Windows 10?


If you are not making use of a 3rd party software application to open up those IMG records then it is exceptionally likely the certain file system used in that IMG file is not longer sustained by windows 10 however is sustained by windows XP. Try using a 3rd party tool choose 7zip (if you desire to simply export the contents) or daemon tools lite if you need to mount it.

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Not certain if it helps however I just currently offered "RawWrite for Windows" on my Windows 10 desktop to write an IMG file of a Macintosh floppy to a USB floppy drive and also review it on my Macintosh IIci.


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