Disable the color profile setting of the application software

This printer driver is subject to the adhering to constraints. Keep the adhering to points in mind once utilizing the printer driver.

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Restrictions on the Printer Driver

With some applications, the Copies establishing in the Page Setup tab of the printer driver may not be enabled.In this case, use the copies establishing in the Print dialog box of the application software.If the selected Language in the About dialog box of the Maintenance tab does not complement the operating device interconfront language, the printer driver setup home window may not be displayed appropriately.Do not readjust the State-of-the-art tab items of the printer properties. If you adjust any of the items, you will not have the ability to usage the complying with functions correctly.Also, if Publish to file is schosen in the Print dialog box of the application software program and also through applications that prohilittle bit EMF spooling, such as Adobe Photoshop LE and MS Photo Editor, the adhering to attributes will certainly not run.Pevaluation prior to printing on the Key tabPrevention of Print File Loss in the Print Options dialog box on the Page Setup tabPage Layout, Tiling/Poster, Booklet, Duplex Printing (vr-tab-quebec.com), Specify Margin..., Print from Last Page, Collate, and Stamp/Background... (Stamp...) on the Page Setup tabPublish a pattern for color adjustment on the Color Adjustment tab in the vr-tab-quebec.com Color Adjustment dialog boxSince the resolution in the pevaluation display screen differs from the printing resolution, text and lines in the ptestimonial screen might show up different from the actual print outcome.With some applications, the printing is divided right into multiple print tasks.

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To cancel printing, delete all separated print work.If picture data is not printed effectively, screen the Publish Options dialog box from the Page Setup tab and adjust the setting of Disable ICM compelled from the application software application. This may deal with the difficulty.


Disable ICM forced from the application software cannot be used as soon as the XPS printer driver is provided.Do not begin up the Canon vr-tab-quebec.com Netoccupational Tool while printing.Do not print once the Canon vr-tab-quebec.com Network-related Tool is running.

Points to Keep in mind About Applications with Restrictions

Tbelow are following constraints in Microsoft Word (Microsoft Corporation).When Microsoft Word has the very same printing functions as the printer driver, use Word to specify them.When Fit-to-Page, Scaled, or Page Layout is used for Page Layout on the Page Setup tab of the printer driver, the document may not print normally in certain versions of Word.When Page Size
in Word is set to "XXX Enlarge/Reduce", the document might not print commonly in certain versions of Word.

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If this happens, follow the procedure below.Open Word"s Print dialog box.Set the Page Layout that you want, and then click OK to close the window.Without starting printing, cshed the Print dialog box.Open Word"s Print dialog box aget.Open the printer driver setup window and click OK.Start printing.If bitmap printing is enabled in Adobe Illustrator (Adobe Equipment Incorporated), printing might take time or some data may not be printed. Publish after unchecking the Bitmap Printing check box in the Print dialog box.