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Discover exactly how to setup and use vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG monitor. Find troubleshooting instructions for widespread video or screen problems. Summary:Find Out exactly how to setup and usage vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG monitor. Find troubleshooting instructions for prevalent video or display problems.See much less Learn how to setup and usage vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG monitor. Find troubleshooting instructions for widespread video or display screen issues.
Post Summary: This short article offers information on How to Use & Troubleshoot your vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG Gaming Monitor.

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Nvidia G-SYNC Troubleshooting

Key Features

The vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG is vr-tab-quebec.com’s initially gaming monitor giving among the best gaming screen performance together with a list of attributes to complement up through gamers’ speed of reaction while displaying clear and undistorted images for the finest gaming experience. Several of the essential functions of this monitor are:

Nvidia G-SYNC enabled monitor with an extremely high refresh price of 144Hz and a fast response time of 1ms. Resolution as much as 2560 x 1440 with DisplayPort and also HDMI, with full-screen assistance or reduced reservices. Tilt, Swivel, Height & Rotate adjustment capabilities. Removable stand also and also VESA 100mm mounting holes for functional mounting services. Equipped via 1 USB upstream and also 4 USB downstream ports. Software and also Documentation media has an Information Documents (INF), Image Color Matching File (ICM) and product documentation. Analog backlight dimming control for flicker-cost-free display. Back to Top

Nvidia G-SYNC

NVIDIA G-SYNC is a groundbreaking brand-new display modern technology that delivers the smoothest gaming suffer ever. G-SYNC’s revolutionary smoothness is accomplished by synchronizing display refresh rates to the GPU in your GeForce GTX-powered desktop or notebook, eliminating display screen tearing and minimizing display screen stutter and also input lag.

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System Requirements

Desktop Computer Notebook Computer
GPU G-SYNC functions require an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST GPU or greater. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M, GTX 970M or GTX 965M. SLI configurations are additionally sustained.
GPU Driver Version R340.52 or higher R352.06 or higher
System Requirement DisplayPort 1.2 straight from GPU
Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 or Windows 7

How perform I allow Nvidia G-SYNC?

Nvidia G-SYNC feature is instantly permitted on all supported computers. If it is not, you can manually enable to Nvidia G-SYNC attribute making use of the Nvidia Control Panel by complying with these instructions:

Encertain that the latest version of the Nvidia GPU driveris set up. If not, visit the Nvidia webwebsite to download and also install the latest drivers for your graphics card. Right-click the Windows Deskpeak and pick Nvidia Control Panel. Select Display on the left pane and also then choose Set Up G-SYNC. Check package alongside Enable G-SYNC (Figure 1). Select Set Up Multiple Displays on the left pane. Set the G-SYNC qualified monitor as the main screen. Select Manage 3D Settings on the left pane. Under the Global Settings tab, situate Vertical Sync (Figure 2). Click the drop-down and pick G-SYNC.
Figure 1: Nvidia Control Panel
Figure 2: Vertical Sync Back to Top


This section offers some specifications of the vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG Gaming Monitor. For even more information around the vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG Gaming Monitor, refer to the User Guide at the vr-tab-quebec.com Support webwebsite.

Feature vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG
Maximum Resolution 2560 x 1440 at 144 Hz
Luminance Output 350 cd/m² (typical)
Contrast Ratio 1000 to 1 (typical)
Video Input Connectors HDMI 1.4 DisplayPort 1.2
Screen Type Active Matrix - TFT LCD
Video Display Capabilities 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p, 480i, 576i, 1080i, QHD

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Setting Up Your Monitor

This area provides information on How to Setup Your Monitor. Attachingthe Stand - Refer to the Setting Up The Monitor section in the User"s Guide on Connecting the Stand to your vr-tab-quebec.comS2716DG Monitor. Back to Top

vr-tab-quebec.com LCD Monitor Pixel Guidelines

For even more information describe vr-tab-quebec.com LCD Monitor Pixel Guidelinesknowledge base post.

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Using the On-Display Display (OSD) Menu

For even more information on Using the On-Display Display (OSD) Menu, describe the Operating Your Monitor section in the User Guide for vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG Gaming Monitor.

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Reset to Factory Settings

To reset your vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG Monitor to Factory Settings, follow these instructions:

Press Button 3 (Figure 3)on the monitor to enter the On-Display Display (OSD) Menu. Press Button 1 or Button 2 to highlight Others choice in the food selection and also push Button 3 to choose. Press Button 1 or Button 2 to highlight the Factory Reset alternative in the menu and press Button 3 to select. Press Button 3 to confirm the recollection action.
Figure 3: Front Panel Buttons Back to Top

How do I set the maximum resolution on vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG Monitor?

Using Windows Display Settings

For maximum display screen performance through Microsoft Windows Operating Solution, set the screen resolution to 2560 x 1440 pixels by perdeveloping the adhering to steps:

In Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and also Windows 10:

For Windows 8 and also Windows 8.1 just, select the Deskheight tile to switch to classical desktop see. Right-click the desktop computer and also click Screen Resolution. Click the dropdvery own list of the Screen Resolution and also select 2560 x 1440. Click OK
If you carry out not see the recommended resolution as an option, you may must update your graphics driver by visiting the Nvidia Drivers webwebsite.

Using the Nvidia Control Panel

To adjust the resolution utilizing the Nvidia Control Panel:

Right-click the desktop computer and also click Nvidia Control Panel. Click the + symbol alongside Display on the left pane. Select Change Resolution under Display. In the dropdown food selection on the ideal pane, choose the resolution 2560 x 1440. Click Set up G-SYNC on the left pane. Select Enable G-SYNC for windowed and also full-display mode. Click Apply. Back to Top


This area includes troubleshooting information for your vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG Gaming Monitor.

Howexecute Irun the Monitor Self-Test?

Your monitor provides a self-test feature that allows you to check whether the monitor is functioning appropriately. If the monitor and computer system are effectively linked however the monitor display screen remains dark, run the monitor self-test by performing the following steps:

Turn off both your computer system and the monitor. Unplug the video cable from the earlier of the computer. To encertain correct Self-Test operation, remove all digital cables (DVI, HDMI or DisplayPort) from the ago of the computer. Turn on the monitor. Turn off your monitor and also reaffix the video cable: then revolve on both your computer system and also the monitor. If your monitor display screen continues to be blank after you usage the previous procedure, check your video card (GPU) and also computer, bereason your monitor is functioning appropriately. Back to Top

Howdo Irun the Built-In Diagnostics?

Your monitor has a built-in diagnostic tool that helps to recognize if the display screen abnormality you are suffering is a trouble with the monitor or through the video card on your computer.

You have the right to run the integrated diagnostics just once the video cable is unplugged and the monitor is in Self-Test mode.
Make certain that the display is clean (no dust pposts on the surface of the screen). Unplug the video cable(s) from the ago of the computer or the monitor. The monitor will certainly currently enter the self-test mode. On the front panel, press and also host Button 1 and also Button 4 simultaneously for 2 secs. A gray display screen shows up. Carecompletely inspect the screen for abnormalities. Press Button 4 on the front panel aobtain. The color of the display changes to red. Inspect the screen for any type of abnormalities. Repeat action 5 and also action 6 to examine the display in green, blue, babsence, white and text displays. The test is complete when the white screen shows up. Press Button 4 to leave the Built-In diagnostics.
If you perform not detect any type of display screen abnormalities upon making use of the built-in diagnostic tool, the monitor is functioning effectively. Check the video card (GPU) and the computer system.
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How carry out I permit Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB)?

Disable Nvidia G-SYNC utilizing Nvidia Control Panel

Right-click the desktop display screen and also choose Nvidia Control Panel in the food selection. Click on the + symbol next to Display. Click on Set up G-SYNC. Uncheck package beside Enable G-SYNC.

Setup Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB) making use of the On-Screen Display (OSD) Menu.

Encertain Nvidia G-SYNC is disabled in the Nvidia Control Panel. Press Button 3 on the Monitor. Use Button 1 or Button 2 and pick Display in the menu. Use Button 1 or Button 2 to highlight ULMB (Figure 4). Press Button 3 to confirm the selection.
Figure 4: ULMB Setting in On-Screen Display (OSD) Menu Back to Top

How do I test the ULMB functionality on my vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG Monitor?

To verify the ULMB usability on your vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG Monitor, perdevelop the following steps:

Requirement: Encertain that your computer system Graphics Card (GPU) is compatible via Nvidia G-SYNC. Ensure Nvidia G-SYNC attribute is disabled in Nvidia Control Panel. Verify if ULMB is allowed on the vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG Monitor using the On-Display Display (OSD) Menu. Test ULMB usability by complying with these steps: Step 1: Visit http://www.testufo.com/ webwebsite on your computer. Step 2: Enable and Disable the ULMB function on your vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG Monitor.
Figure 5: ULMB Test (Without ULMB V/s With ULMB) Back to Top

How perform I Disable the Monitor Deep Sleep Mode?

Disable the Monitor Deep Sleep mode if you notification any of the two scenarios stated below. Follow the instructions discussed to ‘Disable the Monitor Deep Sleep Mode.

Scenario 1

Your vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG Monitor may appear to flash while in DC Off mode as soon as associated to Chromebook. Chromepublications instantly enter sleep mode if the gadget is left unsupplied for even more than 5-6 minutes.

Scenario 2

Your vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG Monitor resets to an incorrect resolution of 640 x 480 once associated using a DisplayPort cable. This problem may occur also after reseating the DisplayPort cable multiple times.

Disable the Monitor Deep Sleep Mode by following these steps:

Press Button 3 to enter the On-Screen Display (OSD) Menu. Use Button 1 or Button 2 and also highlight Others. Press Button 3 to select the alternative. Select Monitor Deep Sleep (Figure 6) alternative and Press Button 3 to Disable.
Pressing any switch (except the Power button) on the front panel of your vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG Monitor may likewise wake up the monitor after it goes right into deep sleep.
Figure 6: Monitor Deep Sleep Mode in On-Display Display (OSD) Menu Back to Top

Monitor enters Power Saving Mode while running Self-Test.

Your vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG Monitor may enter ‘Power Save Mode’ as soon as you try to run the Self-Test.

The vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG Monitor does not support Self-Test Feature Check (STFC). When the monitor does not detect any type of signal, it will display screen the message "Get in Power Save Mode" for 15 secs and then will certainly go into Deep Sleep Mode.

You have the right to attempt to wake up the monitor by moving the mouse or pushing any crucial on your key-board.

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Nvidia G-SYNC not working effectively in a game.

Check if your vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG Monitor is associated to your computer system using the DisplayPort cable. Enable Nvidia G-SYNC utilizing Nvidia Control Panel. Check the Nvidia G-SYNC usability using the Demo Test. Check for G-SYNC functionality within the "Pendulum Demo". Different modes (V-Sync Off, V-Sync On, G-SYNC) will certainly be shown (Figure 7). Click on each mode to verify if they are working. The Pendulum Demo will not permit you to click on G-SYNC if the Nvidia G-SYNC attribute is not functioning.
Figure 7: Pendulum Demo Test Back to Top

Common Problems

Usual Problem What User Experiences Possible Systems
No Video - Power LED Off No picture Make certain that the power cable connecting the monitor is correctly associated and also secure. Verify that the power outlet is functioning appropriately using any type of other electrical equipment. Make certain that the power button is depressed completely. Test through known great cable and also well-known good system if feasible.
No Video - Power LED On No photo or no brightness. Percreate monitor self-test function examine. Check for bent or damaged pins in the video cable connector. Reseat both ends of the video cable. Try through a well-known great video cable. Run the integrated diagnostics. Make sure that the correct input source is schosen via the Input Source Select switch. Test monitor with a recognized good system if available.
Poor Focus The picture is fuzzy, blurry or ghosting. Reseat both ends of the video cable. Try via a well-known excellent video cable. Eliminate video extension cables.
Shaky/Jittery Video Wavy photo or fine activity. Check for eco-friendly factors (choose fans or other sources of interference). Relocate the monitor and also test it in an additional room.
Missing Pixels The LCD display has actually spots. Cycle power on-off. Pixel that is permanently off is a natural defect that can happen in LCD modern technology. Run the built-in diagnostics.
Stuck-On/Off Pixels The LCD display screen has a bright spot.

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Cycle power on-off. A few permanently bright or dark pixels are thought about normal by industry standards. The exact variety of pixels permitted varies depending on the monitor. Refer to Monitor Quality and also Pixel Policy for even more details. Run the integrated diagnostics.
Brightness Problems Picture as well dim or too bideal. Dim/discolored video deserve to be caused by the video cable, so attempt reseating the cable and also swapping through a well-known good part.
Geometric Distortion Screen not centered appropriately.
Horizontal/Vertical Lines The display screen has actually one or more lines. Perform monitor self-test feature check and recognize if these lines are likewise in self-test mode. Check for bent or damaged pins in the video cable connector. Run the built-in diagnostics.
Synchronization Problems The screen is scrambled or shows up torn. Percreate monitor self-test feature check to recognize if the scrambled display screen shows up in self-test mode. Check for bent or damaged pins in the video cable connector. Restart the computer in the power safe mode.
Safety-Related Issues Visible signs of smoke or sparks. Do not perdevelop any kind of troubleshooting steps. Contact vr-tab-quebec.com Technical Support instantly.
Intermittent Problems Monitor malattributes on and also off. Make certain that the video cable is connected appropriately with the monitor and the computer. Run the self-test attribute and also recognize if the intermittent trouble occurs in the self-test mode.
Missing Color The image does not have actually shade. Run the monitor self-test feature examine. Make sure that the video cable connecting the monitor to the computer system is connected appropriately and also is secure. Check for bent or broken pins in the video cable connector.
Wrong Color The photo color is not great. Adjust the R, G, B worth in the Color Settings OSD, if Color Management is turned off. Run the integrated diagnostic tool.
Image Retention from a Static Image Left on the Monitor for a Long Period Faint shadow from the static photo shows up on the screen. Use the Power Management attribute to revolve off the monitor when it is not in usage. Conversely, use a dynamically transforming screensaver. Use theLCD Conditioning attribute under Other Settings to eliminate picture retention.
Video Ghosting or Overshooting Motion videos appear to be blurry roughly moving objects. Change the Response Time in the Display OSD to Normal.

Specific Symptoms What User Experiences Possible Equipment
USB interface is not working USB peripherals are not working Check that your monitor is turned On. Reaffix the upstream cable to your computer. Reaffix the USB peripherals (downstream connector). Switch Off and also then revolve on the monitor aacquire. Reboot the computer. Some USB gadgets like exterior portable HDD call for greater electric current; attach the device straight to the computer system.
High-Speed USB 3.0 interface is slow High-Speed USB 3.0 peripherals functioning progressively or not functioning at all Check that your computer system is USB 3.0 capable. Some computers have USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and also USB 1.1 ports. Encertain that the correct USB port is offered. Reconnect the upstream cable to your computer system. Reattach the USB peripherals (downstream connector). Reboot the computer system.
Wiremuch less USB peripherals speak working as soon as a USB 3.0 tool is plugged in Wireless USB peripherals responding slowly or only working as the distance between itself and its receiver decreases Increase the distance in between the USB 3.0 peripherals and the wiremuch less USB receiver. Position your wireless USB receiver as cshed as possible to the wiremuch less USB peripherals. Use a USB-extender cable to position the wiremuch less USB receiver as much amethod as possible from the USB 3.0 port.

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To watch or downfill the User"s Guide or Manuals for your vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG Monitor, follow these instructions:

Click View Products switch under Browse for a Product. Select Monitors & Projectors and then Select Monitors. From the list, click vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG Monitor. Click on PDF alongside the required record. Click on More Languages to watch the list of available language choices. Click on PDF next to the desired option of language. Back to Top

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nvidia G-SYNC?

NVIDIA G-SYNC is a groundbreaking brand-new screen innovation that delivers the smoothest gaming endure ever before. G-SYNC’s revolutionary smoothness is completed by synchronizing display screen refresh prices to the GPU in your GeForce GTX-powered desktop or notebook, eliminating display tearing (Figure 8)and minimizing display stutter and input lag. The result: scenes show up instantly, objects look sharper, and the gameplay is super smooth, offering you a stunning visual endure and a significant competitive edge.

Figure 8: Without G-SYNC V/s With G-SYNC

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What are the demands for utilizing Nvidia G-SYNC?

Compatible Video Card (GPU) which supports Nvidia G-SYNC modern technology. Enable G-SYNC attribute in the Nvidia Control Panel. Requires DisplayPort video input.
Nvidia G-SYNC innovation presently supports only DisplayPort video input. Using DVI to DisplayPort or HDMI to DisplayPort converters/adapters is currently not sustained.
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How carry out I permit the Nvidia G-SYNC function on my computer?

Nvidia G-SYNC attribute is enabled by default. Encertain to install the latest video card motorists for your Nvidia Video Card.

Refer to How do I permit the Nvidia G-SYNC function section of this write-up for more information.

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What Video Cards support the Nvidia G-SYNC feature?

For a substantial list of Nvidia G-SYNC supported Video Cards (GPU) describe the Nvidia webwebsite.

Refer to System Requirements for Nvidia G-SYNC for even more indevelopment.

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What is Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB)?

Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB) function on the vr-tab-quebec.com S2716DG Monitor helps have actually lesser motion blur via backlight result while you are watching fast-relocating imperiods (Figure 9).

Video Card (GPU) set up have to support the Nvidia G-SYNC attribute.

ULMB and also Nvidia G-SYNC feature cannot be enabled at the same time. You can pick to get rid of display screen tears or improve activity resolution yet not both.

Figure 9: Without ULMB V/s With ULMB Back to Top

What are the distinctions in between Nvidia G-SYNC and ULMB?

Key Function Detail Default Setting
ULMB Reduces Motion Blur. Backgrounds are in sharp focus. Uses backlight strobing to mitigate movement blur. It is only obtainable on refresh rates of 85Hz, 100Hz or 120Hz. Need to disable Nvidia G-SYNC. Enable ULMB by means of the OSD menu of the monitor only.
Nvidia G-SYNC Reduce Display tearing and lag. Nvidia G-SYNC eliminates tearing, adding to the overall smoothness of gameplay.

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Nvidia G-SYNC is permitted by default.

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