Deus ex mankind divided a problem has occurred with your display driver

Hello all,when playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Digital Deluxe Edition (bough on = without Denuvo protection) in DirectX12 mode game always crashes on square in Prag. Using Sapphire Pulse RX5700.Exact establishing, print display of error and savegame place is enclosed.If you want simulate this issue fill savegame, go from metro exterior to the square and also in a couple of minutes game collapse.For precise configuration view DxDiag.txt, please.

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I don"t know exactly how to open dxng file but I have the very same trouble as you dubbed ""DEVICE_HUNG"" error on Dauntless. It comes through black display screen and display screen freeze. I addressed it by making use of 20.5.1 software and also usage window 10 20H1. Also install latest GPU bios.

Thank you for feedago, I have actually also driver 20.5.1, but so far just W10 1909 -> I will certainly try update it following weekend if there would be no more serious issues via this update. What regards GPU BIOS it seems to me, that Sapphire does not offer new BIOS for RX5700 Pulse.

Recollection settings via WattMan. Then minimize the maximum frequency by 100Mhz with WattMan for the GPU core clock speed. With this method, there will certainly most likely be advancement. You might get this type of DX gadget hung errors once your graphics card is puburned by games. For this reason, I imply you attempt what I created to you.If you are doing OC or undervolting to your GPU, you might must go back to manufacturing facility settings and attempt aacquire.Since the error message you acquire normally occurs in overheating, OCs, or when the GPU is unsteady.


Go to WattMan and find Max Frequency (%) and set this value from 0 to -5.If you follow this means, you will certainly most likely gain an advancement.By reducing the price of Max Frequency (%), you deserve to offer to the GPU the essential stabilization.If you cannot gain an development, tbelow might be a heating trouble, bereason the error message you gain is most likely resulted in by a hardware difficulty.

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Thank you for feedback, it happens additionally in various case - I experienced it additionally in primary menu just after I began game. I am sure, that it is not temperature dependant. Furthermore it runs well in DX11 mode, it should be somepoint in SW code.
It will work much better through DX11bereason DX12 pushes GPUs also much.If you try what I created to you and do not have a heating problem, it will certainly be very steady for DX12 and also for all.Due to the fact that there is no trouble through the game or DX12 or DRM. You are having actually troubles. Since via DX12, your graphics card more than likely works by crossing boundaries.
As deserve to be watched from enclosed data, VSYNC is on and also my i5 limits GPU because of DeusEX negative optimization. The highest accomplished temperature in the time of DeusEX playing was 67 °C - tright here is no overheating issue.Tright here is no difficulty through DRM and also performance, but .exe file without denuvo is various and drivers does not recognize it (I already reported it to, so hope, that they will certainly deal with it). What regards DX12, tright here are severe issues with DeusEX as have the right to be watched on gog forums, vapor forums, reddit, and so on But I perform not desire comordinary, but provide information to, so they can finally settle it, this games was in gaming developed routine and also according to more civilization in works just in DX11 mode, not DX12.

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Reporting the DX device hung error you got to will not deal with your problem. Because this problem is hardware-associated with high probcapability.If you use VSYNC and also this intake gives a FPS limit, your GPU has a tendency to work with high frequencies.Based on this information, you have the right to attempt to fix the problem via WattMan. Or you deserve to retire the GPU. Due to the fact that your GPU is not working correctly with factory settings.While you are obtaining this error commonly in the game (DXMD) you stated, this frequency might decrease for an additional game and might give the impression that your GPU is stable.Tright here is no difficulty for the game or for DX12 API. I finimelted this game 2 times via DX12 API with an GPU and also I did not come throughout any difficulty except for performance problems.I indicate you look for aid from anyone that clintends otherwise.