Dell xps card reader not working

Dell XPS 13 (9360) SD Card reader not functioning even after the I/O Board was reput by Dell (private technician sent by Dell)

Hello Everyone,

my SD Card Reader in my Dell XPS 13 (9360) doesn't recognize my Micro-SD Card as soon as I plug it in via a Micro SD Card Adapter from SanDisk. I'm making use of the Micro SD through my Nintenperform Switch so I thought maybe it's because of that however once I plug in the Micro SD by means of the Adapter in to my Macbook Pro (mid 2014) it get's recognized as "Untitled" and also I can open/access it. And because I already have actually Documents (Files, Gamings, and so on.) on the card I don't desire to erase whatever and also try it aacquire when it's empty.

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Why the I/O Board (USB / SD Card Reader) was replaced:2-3 months after I bought my XPS 13 (9360) my AC Unit Port on the Lappeak was already not functioning any even more + the USB Port (on the I/O Board with the SD Card Port) had actually a defect; as soon as I moved a linked USB Cable a bit the lappeak would go into stand also by. Also my screen already had actually pixel errors. So after a long and complicated ago and also forth with Dell itself they sent me a technician to rearea my screen, the motherboard and the I/O Board (USB/SD Card Reader port). But bereason this was approximately New Year 2017 they didn't send me a Dell Technician but one from a private agency.After he reput the display, motherboard and the I/O Board we tested everything other than the SD Card Reader because I didn't have a Micro SD Card yet yet the USB Port on the I/O Board was addressed, the screen was fixed and the AC Unit Port was functioning as it must aobtain - so all in all I was pretty happy "everything" operated aget as it have to.

But after buying the Micro SD Card I tried it on my Dell and it didn't work/obtained recognized.The strange thing is as soon as I execute a hardware scan through the Dell Support Assist it doesn't also list a SD Card Reader to inspect through the hardware scan.

So the obvious solution would be to call the Dell Support aget but they sassist if I would have actually any even more troubles after replacing anything I would've to sfinish in the laptop. Oviously I'm doubtful bereason then I would've to backup the whole data, wipe whatever aacquire and also send it in and also wait for I don't know exactly how long.

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What I've currently tried:

I currently factory recollection my laptop

I checked the Device Manager wbelow the SD Card Reader is noted under "Memory technology devices -> Realtek PCIE CardReader" - so it someexactly how gets recognized by windows.

I best clicked "Realtek PCIE CardReader -> Update-Driver" which provided me an outcome for a newer Driver so I updated the driver however that didn't change anything. When I try to upday again it says the driver is up-to-date.

I appropriate clicked "Realtek PCIE CardReader -> uninstall driver" and also rebegan the lapoptimal so Windows offers it's own drivers however that didn't help/adjusted anything

I checked Disk-Management while the Micro SD was associated to the laptop to see if it maybe pops up tright here and needed a letter to be assigned to it

I checked the main Dell Support Site and also provided my company tag number to search for motorists yet the Support Site doesn't also list ANY motorists for SD Card Readers only for "Intel Serial I/O Driver" and bereason the Card Reader is located on a separate small I/O board I downloaded this driver but that didn't help/adjust anything

I tried running the hardware examine using the locally installed Dell Support Assist however you can't even examine an SD Card Reader tright here, it isn't also an accessible option - prefer this lappeak doesn't even have actually an SD Card Reader. When I still run the test everything comes out positive (however an SD Card Reader is not listed)

Visited the Realtek homeweb page and downloaded the SD Card Reader Driver from tright here and tested it which didn't help/change anything

I ran the Diagnostics Test at begin up which the technician likewise offered as soon as replacing my boards and so on. which outcomes in a positive result

I even opened up the earlier lit of the laptop and also checked if maybe the connector of the SD Card Reader to the I/O Board wasn't plugged in but it was.

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So my thought was prior to contacting the Dell Support again and having actually to send in my lapheight (I have the lappeak currently for roughly 10 moths quickly a year) I'll ask and also probably someone below knows a solution to my problem. Due to the fact that at this point I'm pretty pissed about the high quality of Dell. I even made a decision the many expensive lapoptimal bereason I prior to hand also only check out great stuff around Dell (likewise from my friends) and I believed "price = quality" not favor via mac where you also pay for the design and I wanted a windows lappeak that lasts me for prefer 5-6 years. But it doesn't seem favor that. The Macbook Pro (mid 2014) I have ideal currently was the base version and that still works without ANY problems also though I'm a home windows person I'm pretty surprised just how well the mac does compared to my 3 years more recent Dell Lappeak - I've never before had any kind of difficulties via my macbook. In my email I already ready for the Dell Support (if I need to call them again) I even ask them if it is possible to just acquire a refund or rearea the lapheight via an additional one because I shed so many kind of hrs through the troubles I had via it. And because I'm even more than disappointed by the quality of this high finish (expensive) product for which I passist a lot and also didn't really acquired anything in rerotate for the price tag.

Thanks for everyone reading via all this and also maybe giving me a solution! If no one else deserve to assist I guess I'll need to sfinish in my lapoptimal and wipe it and so on yet I would certainly really appreciate any help!