Dell wireless 370 bluetooth minicard windows 10

I simply upgraded to Windows 10 and also now it doesn"t identify my Dell Wireless 370 Bluetooth Mini Card. I can"t also check out it in my Device Manager. My laptop is an StudioXPS 1640. I usage the Intelliallude 8000 for my computer mouse and key-board and also can"t also attach them.

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If anyone has actually some advice, I"d substantially appreciate it.



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Hi Tony,

Sorry for the delay in response.

As you challenge problems via the Dell Wiremuch less 370 Bluetooth Mini Card, downfill and also install the "Dell Wiremuch less 370 Bluetooth Minicard, v., A13" vehicle drivers from the attach.

Hope this indevelopment helps.

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I have tried this Dell chauffeurs and also read wbelow some Toshiba chauffeurs would certainly work-related and also I can"t obtain my Bluetooth functioning either given that the Windows 10 upday. It was functioning fine with Win7 but once I upgraded I completely lost my Bluetooth.

Any other assist or advise would certainly be substantially appreciated.



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Same problem for me via my HP Pavilion DV6. Bluetooth adapter not even appearing in Device Manager, and no means to acquire Windows to identify it, from what I"ve researched so far.

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SNAFU after Windows upgrade.

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This does not aid at all. Not compatible via Windows 10; will not install.

I have the same symptoms as others have actually reported in this thread.

Basically Windows 10 install didnot warn me of this incompatibility. Onlyafterinstalling did I discover this out.

This is a glaring oversight on MS" component.

Not happy.

After, many failed attempts I was able to obtain it to occupational.

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First, I updated the bluetooth Driver from Broadcomwhile

Then, I upgraded to Windows10

Then, I Uninstalled the "WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software"

Then, I Downloaded and mounted the Windows10 variation of"WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software"