Dell dimension e521 graphics card upgrade

As the title says I have freshly been provided an old C521 (Slimline version) and also I thought I would upgrade it as a small task to job-related on.

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Now I am just having an worry via picking a graphics card that would be compatible and also I was hoping if you men could assist me out!

Parts I have actually ordered so far:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3.0GHz Windsor


I have actually a spare 500GB Harddrive that I will be placing in and can throw in a SSD boot drive later on.

Now the only difficulty that I have is picking a video clip card!

As much as I have actually learned the slot is restricted to 25W and also it needs to be a low profile card.

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Any advice or card referrals would certainly be exceptionally a lot appreciated!

Basically would choose to recognize what is the finest possible card I deserve to obtain right into this!

Thanks in development guys! :)

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6 years ago
okay, so, My main point around dells, is they always make custom parts for all their systems, and also they make them as tiny as possible. the initially thing to look for is if it also has actually an growth port for a video card. the second thing i'd concern about is simply general space. you sassist it's have to be a low profile card, watch the wattage. 25w is pretty low, so you're gonna be limited to a few older cards.,25&sort=d5

then the next trouble is warmth. Dells are made to be compact, and also you have actually a low profile computer system. the major thing through dell once it involves warmth is they have actually tradition heatpipes almost everywhere the area in their computer systems. there is usually little bit to no room to include in extra fans.

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excellent luck, though!

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