Dell all in one as external monitor


Ever wonder how to affix an external monitor to your HP all-in-one desktop computer computer?

Many type of models of HP All-In-One (AIO) desktop computer have no evident means to connect a 2nd monitor as a result of the absence of video ports, and models such as the HP Envy 23" and 27" have actually an input-only HDMI port. But don"t problem, you have the right to output video via the USB ports on your HP all-in-one desktop! Here"s how:

Connect your computer system to the USB Video Adapter.Didn"t work? Have a various type of All-In-One? We"ve gained more indevelopment below!
Connecting a second monitor to an All-In-One

If your All-In-One has actually an HDMI, DisplayPort, or Thunderbolt port:

To attach a 2nd monitor to your All-In-One, all you"ll require is the proper video cable. If your monitor"s inputs are various from the output of your All-In-One, you may additionally need an adapter to transform the format into one compatible through your monitor.Recommended cables:

All-In-One Dual Monitor Display Settings:

Normally speaking, outside monitors have the right to be provided in among three modes:Duplicate: Displays the exact same image on all displays (also dubbed mirroring.)Extend: Combines all screens right into one shared workroom (additionally referred to as spanning)Projector: Displays a picture on the outside display screen, while disabling the built-in displayThese can be schosen from within OS Display Setups in Windows or macOS.

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Troubleshooting an outside monitor:

Try rebeginning all affiliated devicesMake sure all cabling and also hardware is undamagedCheck compatibility in between all components. Keep in mind that just bereason a format can be physically adapted doesn"t necessarily expect the signal is compatible.Some adapters just work in one direction. For instance, DisplayPort to HDMI, or DVI to VGA.Make sure your software program is up to day and also properly configured - both the operating device and firmware. A firmware update from the manufacturer have the right to sometimes deal with hardware worries.

If you don"t have a video-out port, or only have an HDMI-in port:

If your HDMI port is an "Input" port, it cannot be offered to affix an external display, but is intended to allow the usage of the All-In-One itself as a display. In this instance you deserve to usage a USB Display Adapter to affix an exterior monitor. These affix to a USB port, and also administer one or even more connections for exterior screens. Although these are generally much less capable at 3D tasks, they deserve to run desktop computer applications and complete display screen video.Recommended solutions:
HDMI In/Out Ports
Input choose button
Many type of All-In-Ones (AIOs) can be used as a screen for game consoles, laptop computers, or various other computer systems. If your HP All-In-One has actually an HDMI-in port, ssuggest plug one end of an HDMI cable into your resource tool, and the various other end into the HDMI-In port on your All-In-One. Some All-In-Ones will certainly screen the signal immediately, while others might need you to push the "Display Source" switch, occasionally labeled "HDMI" or "Input Switch."If your All-In-One does not have an HDMI-In port, it might have one more kind of input, such as DisplayPort or USB-C. The source switch is periodically situated on the bottom or ago of the computer system.

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Why can not I use the HDMI port on my HP Envy all-in-one desktop?

The HDMI port on some models of HP all-in-one desktops is for input only. This is handy for once you desire to usage your desktop computer as a screen for one more device such as a video game consingle or DVD player, however it deserve to preclude the usage of a second monitor.On the HP Envy all-in-one desktop, for example, the "HDMI IN" port is located on the reduced left hand side of the monitor. To use it, just plug in your HDMI output device and also switch the computer system from PC mode to HDMI mode making use of the HDMI IN switch under the bottom left hand also side of the display screen. To change earlier to COMPUTER mode, just host the HDMI IN switch.

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Why aren"t USB-C alt settings working on my HP Envy?

Although advertised as a capability, a number of HP Envy devices of miscellaneous types appear to to be unable to output video through their USB-C port.In some instances this can be due to a limitation of the hardware. Alt Modes are offered to transmit native HDMI or DisplayPort signals over a USB-C cable, and permit for it to be directly connected to a screen. However before to enable this attribute, the computer must have the proper hardware. Some HP Envy units just assistance the DisplayPort alt mode, and also need to be used via DisplayPort display screens, or adjusted to the proper format.USB-C Video Adapters:In other situations it shows up that the USB-C port is not capable of video output at all. This may be because of hardware problems, or may be brought about by a driver or firmware incompatibility.HP does guarantee that any type of USB-C port advertised as "Thunderbolt 3" compatible will assistance conventional Alt Modes, and deserve to be adapted straight to HDMI or DisplayPort.If your USB-C port doesn"t show up qualified of outputting video, you"re not out of luck! You have the right to still usage an energetic USB to video adapter. USB Video Adapters:

Does my HP Envy require a double monitor adapter?

To connect extra monitors to your all-in-one, you just require accessible ports such as HDMI, DisplayPort, or VGA. If you have none of these obtainable, or if the port is intfinished for input only, you have the right to use a USB Display Adapter to affix multiple extra monitors.

Do you have a huge chart of HP All-In-Ones that would certainly suggest what ports and controls I can have?

As luck would certainly have actually it, we carry out. This chart mirrors which models have actually video in/out capcapability, and whether they have a source pick switch.+ Show/Hide Table!
TypeSeriesHDMI In/Out/Both/NoneInput Select Button Yes/No
Pavilion TouchSmart20-F400NoneN/A
Pavilion Touch20-F300NoneN/A
Pavilion TouchSmart20-F200NoneN/A
Pavilion TouchSmart20-F300NoneN/A
Pavilion Touch21-H000NoneN/A
Pavilion TouchSmart21-H000NoneN/A
Pavilion TouchSmart21-H100NoneN/A
Pavilion Touch22-A000OutN/A
Pavilion Touch22-A100OutN/A
Pavilion Touch22-A200OutN/A
Pavilion TouchSmart22-H000NoneN/A
Pavilion TouchSmart22-H100NoneN/A
Pavilion TouchSmart23-F400NoneN/A
Pavilion Touch23-H000NoneN/A
Pavilion TouchSmart23-H000NoneN/A
Pavilion Touch23-H100NoneN/A
Pavilion TouchSmart23-H100NoneN/A
Pavilion Touch23-Q000OutN/A
Pavilion Touch23-Q100OutN/A
Pavilion Touch23-F200NoneN/A
Pavilion Touch23-F300NoneN/A
Pavilion TouchSmart23-F200NoneN/A
Pavilion TouchSmart23-F300NoneN/A
Pavilion TouchSmart23-F400NoneN/A
Pavilion Touch24-B000OutN/A
Pavilion Touch27-A000OutN/A
Pavilion TouchSmart27-N000OutN/A
Pavilion Touch27-N100OutN/A
Pavilion Touch27-N200OutN/A
ENVY Touch20-D000NoneN/A
ENVY TouchSmart20-D000NoneN/A
ENVY TouchSmart20-D200NoneN/A
ENVY Rove20-K000NoneN/A
ENVY Rove20-K100NoneN/A
ENVY Rove20-K200NoneN/A
ENVY Touch23-D000NoneN/A
ENVY TouchSmart23-D000NoneN/A
ENVY TouchSmart23-D100NoneN/A
ENVY TouchSmart23-D200NoneN/A
ENVY Recline TouchSmart23-K000InYes
ENVY Recline TouchSmart23-K100InYes
ENVY Recline TouchSmart23-K200InYes
ENVY Recline Touch23-K300InYes
ENVY Recline TouchSmart23-K300InYes
ENVY Recline TouchSmart23-K400InYes
ENVY Recline Touch Beats SE23-M100InYes
ENVY Recline TouchSmart Beats SE23-M100InYes
ENVY Recline TouchSmart Beats SE23-M200InYes
ENVY TouchSmart23SE-D300Model DependentModel Dependent
ENVY TouchSmart23SE-D400Model DependentModel Dependent
ENVY Touch24-N000BothYes
ENVY Touch24-N100BothYes
ENVY Touch24-N200BothYes
ENVY Touch27-P000BothYes
ENVY Touch27-P100BothYes
ENVY Touch27-P200BothYes
ENVY Recline TouchSmart27-K000InYes
ENVY Recline Touch27-K100InYes
ENVY Recline TouchSmart27-K100InYes
ENVY Recline TouchSmart27-K200InYes
ENVY Recline Touch27-K300InYes
ENVY Recline TouchSmart27-K300InYes
ENVY Recline TouchSmart27-K400InYes
ENVY Recline Pro27InYes
ENVY Touch27-K000InYes
ENVY Curved34-A000BothNo
ENVY Curved34-A100BothNo
ENVY Curved34-A200BothNo
ENVY Curved34-B000BothYes
ENVY Curved34-A300BothYes
Spectre ONE23-E000InNo
Spectre ONE23-E200InNo
Sprout ProOutN/A
Sprout Pro G2OutN/A
Slate Pro21OutN/A
EliteOne Touch705 G2NoneN/A
EliteOne Non-Touch800 G1NoneN/A
EliteOne800 G1NoneN/A
EliteOne Non-Touch800 G2NoneN/A
EliteOne Touch800 G2NoneN/A
EliteOne Non-Touch800 G3OutN/A
EliteOne Touch300 G3OutN/A
EliteOne1000 G1OutN/A
EliteOne Touch1000 G1OutN/A
EliteOne 4kUHD1000 G1OutN/A
Pro MS200216BRNoneN/A
Pro MS200218NoneN/A
Pro MS200219BRNoneN/A
Pro MS200219LANoneN/A
ProOne400 G1NoneN/A
ProOne400 G2NoneN/A
ProOne400 G3 20inNoneN/A
ProOne400 G3 23.8inOutN/A
ProOne600 G1NoneN/A
ProOne600 G2NoneN/A
ProOne600 G3NoneN/A
HP 18-NoneN/A
HP 181000NoneN/A
HP 181100NoneN/A
HP 181200NoneN/A
HP 181300NoneN/A
HP 185000NoneN/A
HP 185100NoneN/A
HP 185200NoneN/A
HP 185500NoneN/A
HP 185600NoneN/A
HP 192000NoneN/A
HP 192100NoneN/A
HP 192200NoneN/A
HP 192300NoneN/A
HP 192400NoneN/A
HP 193000NoneN/A
HP 193200NoneN/A
HP 20(All)NoneN/A
HP 212000NoneN/A
HP 221000NoneN/A
HP 222000NoneN/A
HP 222100NoneN/A
HP 223000OutN/A
HP 22 Touch3000OutN/A
HP 223100OutN/A
HP 22 Touch3100OutN/A
HP 223200OutN/A
HP 22B000OutN/A
HP 22 TouchB000OutN/A
HP 22B100OutN/A
HP 22B200OutN/A
HP 22B300OutN/A
HP 23R000OutN/A
HP 23R100OutN/A
HP 23R200OutN/A
HP 23Beats N000InYes
HP 23Beats N100InYes
HP 23Beats N200InYes
HP 24E000OutN/A
HP 24G000OutN/A
HP 24 TouchG000OutN/A
HP 24G100OutN/A
HP 24G200OutN/A
HP 200205 G1NoneN/A
HP 200205 G2NoneN/A
HP 200205 G3OutN/A
HP 2005000NoneN/A
HP 2005100NoneN/A
HP 2005200NoneN/A
HP TouchSmart 300300-1000NoneN/A
HP TouchSmart 300300-1100NoneN/A
HP TouchSmart 300300-1200NoneN/A
HP TouchSmart 300300-1300NoneN/A
HP TouchSmart 300310-1000NoneN/A
HP TouchSmart 300310-1100NoneN/A
HP TouchSmart 300310-1200NoneN/A
HP TouchSmart 300320-1000NoneN/A
HP TouchSmart 300320-1100NoneN/A
HP TouchSmart 400420-1000NoneN/A
HP TouchSmart 400420-1100NoneN/A
HP Touch 500520-1160LAInNo
HP TouchSmart 500520-1000NoneN/A
HP TouchSmart 500520-1100InNo
HP TouchSmart 500520-1200NoneN/A
HP TouchSmart 600600-1000NoneN/A
HP TouchSmart 600600-1100InYes
HP TouchSmart 600600-1200NoneN/A
HP TouchSmart 600600-1300NoneN/A
HP TouchSmart 600600-1400InYes
HP TouchSmart 600610-1000NoneN/A
HP TouchSmart 600610-1100NoneN/A
HP TouchSmart 600610-1200NoneN/A
HP TouchSmart 600620-1000 3DNoneN/A
HP TouchSmart 600620-1100 3DNoneN/A
HP 10001105NoneN/A
HP 10001155NoneN/A
HP TouchSmart Elite 70007320NoneN/A
HP TouchSmart 91009100NoneN/A
HP TouchSmart Elite 93009300NoneN/A
HP TouchSmart IQ(All)NoneN/A
Compaq 18(All)NoneN/A
Compaq PresarioCQ1-(All)NoneN/A
Compaq PresarioSG2-(All)NoneN/A
HP Compaq 40004300NoneN/A
HP Compaq Pro6000NoneN/A
HP Compaq Pro6300NoneN/A
HP Compaq Elite8300NoneN/A
Omni Pro110NoneN/A