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Anyone might clarify for me what DDC/CI actually is ?I have actually a benq XL2411T and also has DDC/CI establishing in his OSD.I think DDC/CI is that you have the right to collection your colors within your nvidia/amd graphics driver, and they will actually work-related even after you reboot the PC ?

The Display Data Channel, or DDC, is a arsenal of protocols for digital interaction in between a computer system display and also a graphics adapter that enable the screen to connect its supported display modes to the adapter and also that permit the computer organize to change monitor parameters, such as brightness and contrast.The typical was developed by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA).Sourcehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Display_Data_Channel
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On a very fundamental level it"s the "Plug and also Play" usability of the monitor. The just factor to disable this is if you"re making use of a heritage operating mechanism or other gadget associated to the monitor that does not operate effectively once using "Plug & Play".

No. Graphics driver adjustments choose that have nopoint to execute via the monitor, they just apply to the graphics card.

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So why when i had actually a cheap 60hz monitor then i played through digital vibrance in the nvidia driver, and as shortly as i rebooted the PC, the establishing was corrupted, in terms of reflecting a various vibrance, until i touched the slider aacquire...Now on this xl2411t monitor all issues are gone...

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The "cheap monitor" may have actually caused the GPU to recollection its settings upon start-up, however the monitor itself is not in any kind of way controlled by those settings. It"s a totally unconnected concern which DDC/CI has actually nopoint to execute via. If you were to use various other (3rd party) software application or BenQ Display Pilot to control monitor brightness or switch settings then that is what DDC/CI is required for.
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