Dd wrt dual wan load balancing

Is it possible to reconnumber among the LAN ports on a WRT54GL (running Tomato firmware) to act as a second WAN port?

I have actually the following networks:

PPOE connection to ADSL modem (functions fine on the normal WAN port) WiFi neighbourhood network (in 178.X.X.X range), using a Mikrotik routerboard

which I"d like to put on the WAN side of the router. I"d then prefer to erected routing so than some traffic (172.X.X.X) is routed to the Mikrotik and also the rest to the ADSL modem.

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p.s. for useful reasons, I can"t usage the Mikrotik as the firewall/router.

Edit:It appears this have the right to be done by editing and enhancing iptables, can someone tell me specifically how?

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You would should re-flash the firmware through something like DD-WRT which have the right to acquire you full accessibility to the underlying Linux OS. From there you have the right to configure the iptables, and so on to do whatever you wish on the different interencounters.

You will need a firm knowledge of Linux routing, this is not for the casual end-user.

The major web page for the DD-WRT project is http://www.dd-wrt.com

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answered Oct 1 "09 at 11:25

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Designating among your "Lan" ports to be connected to the neighborhood wifi netoccupational shouldn"t be also challenging if you use a firmware that gives you access to the underlying IP stack, such as DD-WRT. However before...

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I"d then choose to erected routing so than some web traffic is routed to ADSL, and also the remainder to the Mikrotik.

This is the tricky part—What you desire to put up is called multirouting. It can distribute your website traffic onto both upstream connections, yet with about a bazillion caveats. I composed a blog write-up around this in 2004, but it"s largely still relevant today. An excerpt:

Due to the fact that it’s fundamentally impossible to path each packet individually when NAT is associated, the best that we have the right to execute is to route each session individually. This way, we ensure that all packets from a provided session use the very same link.

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If you have actually many different sessions originating from your neighborhood netjob-related, then you"ll attain a good balance over both Web connections. If round-robin alarea isn"t what you want, you might additionally define which types of website traffic go out which Internet connection based on the TCP/UDP port.