Dark souls not responding on startup

This appears to be a new worry because I can"t discover anything on the web that helps me out. I recently gained a new computer system and decided to download Dark Souls on it (The first one). It installed perfectly fine, no bumps or anything. Load the game, states perdeveloping initially time put up and also goes away relatively easily. Game launches in windowed mode and also just mirrors a white display screen. Everything else functions fine on my computer system. It does not seem choose the application is not responding because the "X" to cshed the home window responded instantly. I tried to run it with the beta mode bereason that is how it ran efficiently on my old computer system. I tried to find some settings to perhaps obtain it out of windowed mode yet no luck (Couldn"t find the file).

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If you"re running the game on a lappeak via an integrated graphics card, attempt the complying with steps (taken from Steam user Iro"s comment here):

Right-click your desktop computer, then open up NVIDIA Control PanelHead to "Manage 3D Settings" > Program Settings > Select Dark Souls (darksouls.exe), or add it if it isn"t tbelow.Select the desired graphics processor for the program: "Integrated Graphics"Launch the game -- it have to start effectively currently.In the menu COMPUTER Setups, change it to Fulldisplay screen and also choose your resolutionQuit the gameOpen NVIDIA Control Panel aget and this time select High-performance NVIDIA Processor

The game need to currently run as expected!


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