Dark souls crashes on startup windows 10

Then open up DarkSouls3 folder > open GraphicsConfig.xml via notepad. Then changeFULLSCREENtoWINDOWED

Now open up DarkSouls3 folder > currently open GraphicsConfig.xml through notepad.Next off readjust the game impact settings to Low, specifically for Effects quality, Shadow quality, and also Light quality.

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Save the changes > rebegin your game.

Hope this works for you to get rid of the Dark Souls 3 keeps crashing issue yet if not then attempt the next solution.

Solution 7 – Close the Apps Running in the Background

If namong the above-provided services works for you then below it is close the apps running in the background.

Well, Dark Souls 3 is a resource-demanding game and also the apps running in the background might reason the game not to run properly and also as an outcome, it began crashing.


Try running the game now and inspect if it crashes or not. It is estimated the remedies given functions for you to fix the Dark Souls 3 crashing trouble but if not then simply reinstall the game.

So, this is all about the Dark Souls 3 Crashing trouble, the services job-related for you to settle the crashing difficulty in any kind of case,

Well, you have the right to also try running the Video Game Booster to deal with low FPS worries, crashing trouble,s and also rise gaming performance.

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It increases the gameOptimize the game performanceGets better FPS rateMake the game smooth for responsive play


Well, Dark Souls 3 is not a really recent game yet still, it is renowned among action role-play game lovers.

But newly many type of gamers reported the Dark Souls 3 crashing on startup or while playing. So below I tried to list dvery own the finish remedies to resolve the crashing concern entirely.

Make certain to follow the services offered one by one till you discover the one that functions for you.

In addition, if you are looking to improve Windows PC performance and also deal with various other PC errors then shave the right to your device with a safe and also secure PC Repair Device. Sometimes because of the PC internal errors, the gamers enrespond to miscellaneous problems while playing the game also so feel complimentary to scan your system through the automatic repair tool.

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