Crash dump initialization failed windows 10


When you boot your computer, you might come across the error crash dump initialization failed. What does the crash dump initialization failed error mean? How to settle the volmgr crash dump initialization failed? This post from reflects you the solutions.

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When you boot the computer, you might come across the error that the Event ID 46 crash dump initialization failed. This worry may happen if the computer system boots without a configured dump file. In basic, the default dump file is the pagefile. Throughout a clean Windows OS installation, the incredibly first boot will certainly hit this condition as the pagefile has actually not been put up yet.

So, execute you understand exactly how to solve the worry of crash dump initialization failed? If not, perform not issue. Keep on your reading and also uncover remedies below.

How to Fix Crash Dump Initialization Failed?

In this section, we will certainly show you just how to settle the error of volmgr crash dump initialization failed. In order to deal with the problem, you must finish the paging file configuration.

Enable Memory Dump Settings

In order to deal with the Event ID 46 volmgr Windows 7, you can pick to allow memory dump settings.

Now, here is the tutorial.

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Open Control Panel.Then click System and also Security.In the pop-up home window, pick System.Then click Cutting edge mechanism settings on the left panel to proceed.Then navigate to the Advanced tab.Click Settings under Startup and Recovery area.Check the option Kernel memory dump or Complete memory dump under Write debugging information.Then click OK to save the transforms.


After that, rebegin your computer and inspect whether the worry of crash dump initialization failed is solved.

Geneprice Memory Dump Data Manually

In general, the contents of physical RAM are written to the paging file that is situated on the partition on which the operating device is installed when the computer crashes and restarts. If the dump file is huge than 2GB, it will certainly take a long time to respond. So, in order to fix the problem of crash dump initialization failed, you deserve to pick to geneprice memory dump file manually.

Now, right here is the tutorial.

Type regedit in package and also click OK to continue.In the Registry Editor window, navigate to the adhering to path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlCrashControlThen right-click CrashControl and also choose New > DWORD (32-bit) value.Rename it new key file as the NMICrashDump.Next, right-click and choose Modify.In the pop-up home window, readjust its worth data to 1.At last, click OK to conserve the alters.

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Once all steps are finimelted, reboot your computer system and also examine whether the error of crash dump initialization failed is fixed. In enhancement, some brand also computers carry out the Automatic System Recoexceptionally function. When you troubleshoot to geneprice a dump memory file, you have to disable this function first.