Cpu usage spikes when moving mouse

Hello.this problem started a couple of day's earlier every one of a sudden.(note that it's more than 3 months after the last time i formatted, and also the problem only occurred lately)So, the problem is, that no matter wright here i move my computer mouse, it cause a massive CPU spike.moving the mouse around on the desktop get the CPU utilization to over 40%, and also if i run any kind of other regime,and also i move the mouse on it, it's utilization skyrockets.I've been trying to solve it for 3 days now, and so much via no success. and bereason I'm a gamer, it provides my games unplayable.deserve to you help me? I'm really frustrated.so far I've tried:switching USB ports,Updating drives,several restarts,formatting the computer system,changing to a different computer mouse,all with no success.below my computer specs:Intel Core2Duo E8400

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3.00 GhzGigabyte G31M-ES2L4GB of RAMGigabyte Geforce GTS 250Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDDMicrosoft X8 Sidewinder wireless gaming mouseLogitech G15 keyboardPlease aid me. im truly clueless about that trouble.Also, i must say that prior to this problem developed, moving the computer mouse wouldn't reason the CPU utilization to go over the 1-3%. Thanks.

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It could be an enormous variety of things! I've had actually a look roughly and also discovered this is generally a prolonged process, so you need to be patient.Does this likewise take place in safe mode?Could it be that some vehicle drivers such as video drivers, have been updated by Microsoft Updates fairly than Gigabyte and now you're left through a much less compatible driver? So would certainly 'rolling back' the driver deal with this?It could be a display/monitor tool driver issue, it's worth checking those too!I've additionally watched this behaviour associated via Malware, so take into consideration scanning your system thoroughly via different scanners, and also of course the faithful Malwarebytes.See how it goes and also let me recognize ok.BTW nice specs

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