Couldnt install on usb storage or sd card

I freshly had a problem that prevented updating any application installed on the SD card. When trying to upday the application in the industry, the update failed and the complying with message was provided as thorough error:

Couldn"t install on USB storage or SD card.

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A feasible workapproximately is to move the application earlier to the phone, update it, and then relocate it to the SD card again.

How deserve to we settle the error permanently?


A fix I"ve found and that functions is to mount the SD card on a COMPUTER, open the *.vr-tab-quebec.com_secure* folder and delete a record called smdl2tmp1.asec.

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It seems that it"s a leftover file from a previous (failed?) installation/update that prevents one more upday to run properly.


After relocating the application off the SD card to the phone I didn"t even need to take the SD card out, it updated fine.Check through complying with web links





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