Content from the website below is being blocked

A very annoying point in Windows 2008 R2 is the Internet Explorer’s error: “content from the website listed below is being blocked by the internet traveler amplified defense configuration“.

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Ok now, however just how execute we disable this security establishing ? ( it is dubbed Net Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration – IE ESC ).


1. If you have actually it permitted, or freshly mounted the Windows 2008, you will certainly acquire this error:

2. Go to Start Administrative Tools Server Manager:

3. Click on Server Manager / Expand also the Security Indevelopment Section / click on Connumber IE ESC:


4. Turn OFF the IE ESC ( for Administrators / for Users / or for both, depfinishing of your scenario ):



1. Close all Web explorers2. Open Control Panel3. Go to ADD or Rerelocate Programs 4.

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 Click on Add/Rerelocate Windows Components 5. Uninspect the checkbox named Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration / click NEXT6. You’re done, and you deserve to now open a IE.


And if you enrespond to any problems feel totally free to comment contact me.

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4 thoughts on “How to Turn off Web Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration | Step-by-Step”

axe July 19, 2015 at 12:46 pm

i do this in win2008 however still i cant open any kind of website ,, and that message not show up however i cant go any type of website