Connection to matchmaking is not reliable

When ever I attempt and affix to a Counter Strike: Global Offensive (casual or comp) game it provides me this message:

Your link to matchmaking servers is not trusted.

How can I settle this?

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This message has showed up for me numerous times, and also I followed the instructions on this Reddit thread and it"s worked for me eextremely time.

Quit out of vapor totally. Then run it as administrator. After launching heavy steam, (assuming you"re utilizing Windows), open CMD and type in the following commands:

"ipconfig /release" - Will release your IP create your router (internet will not work for now)

"ipconfig /renew" - Will assign a new IP from your rexternal (internet will certainly work)

"ipconfig /flushdns" - Will flush DNS; helps via an overcirculation of packets.**

Try again, you must now have the ability to connect effectively.

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answered Jul 7 "16 at 13:01

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