Connect a burner and restart the player windows 10

When I insert a empty CD and also click on burn, I acquire this message - Connect a burner and rebegin the playerI have zero idea what that implies - am I lacking a part or something?

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Odd that you say 3 various pc"s all endure the exact same problem, which suggests what"s readjusted has readjusted on all 3. Maybe this is something you deserve to work out by a procedure of elimination?Check thing can be an upday to WMP, and also this has got copy security allowed, you might need to delve right into the settings to enable the copying of protected job-related.Which version of WMP are you using?Can you burn various other files using various other software application to cd"s?I assume you have checked that the cd burners are indeed connected?

No promises, because I haven"t tested it myself, however the complying with solution seems to have actually aided several human being through the very same error message (generally after upgrading to WMP 11):Open the Services applet (Start > Run > services.msc > OK)Scroll down to IMAPI CD-Burning COM ServiceSTART the serviceThe "Startup type" (which you deserve to collection by double-clicking the enattempt to open its "Properties") should be "Manual" -- although if this doesn"t job-related, you have the right to try establishing it to "Automatic."If the over doesn"t assist, tbelow are some other suggestions here: even more assistance right here, if essential, please carry out the complying with informationWhat variation of Windows are you using, consisting of service load (ideal click My Computer and also choose Properties for info)?What variation of WMP are you using?Do you have another CD-burning application set up on your computers? If so, which one, consisting of version?What happened to your computer(s) just before this concern began (e.g., did you simply upgrade to WMP 11)?

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