Computer turns on for a second then dies

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My Dell Inspiron 3542 will certainly rotate on, go right into a normal boot procedure, then die. I"ve tried tough booting and also booting just making use of the AC cable. Nothing is functioning.I noticed if I wait longer in between attempts at turning it on, the computer will certainly last a little longer before shedding all power. I"ve looked right into the problem and most sources are saying to remove/relocation the CMOS battery, however I"m trying to prevent that.Thanks for any type of help.

You can try switch ram or boot through 1 stick in each slot. Almeans remove battery and also cable when doing it. Try brand-new charger or if you have multimeter test the charger voltage. Rerelocate all usb mooffers and peripheral tools and also try to boot. Use exterior hdmi cable and also attempt through an additional monitor. IT could need a key to change output from lcd to exterior monitorI can assist later on today additionally nyt this includes you disassemblying the lapheight and also brand-new cmos battery

You deserve to try switch ram or boot with 1 stick in each slot. Almeans remove battery and also cable once doing it. Try brand-new charger or if you have actually multimeter test the charger voltage. Rerelocate all usb mouses and also peripheral tools and attempt to boot. Use external hdmi cable and try via another monitor. IT could require a crucial to readjust output from lcd to outside monitorI deserve to assist later now further nyt this includes you disassemblying the lappeak and also new cmos battery

Does it go totally off . No Power led? Or only display goes black? What about fans are they spinning? Try voit without hdd and also go bios, does it shuttdvery own also then?
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