Computer restarts every night windows 10

Evidently Windows booked itself for a reboot last night when I wasn"t looking and simply closed everything I had actually been functioning on the night prior to.

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I reboot on the regular; I don"t require Windows to execute that for me.

Can I disable it completely? I do not mind if it downlots whatever, and then states "hey, you must reboot," however it should never reboot itself, ever before.

I"m using the "Pro" edition of Windows 10.



Note: Unfortunately this shows up to not job-related on Windows 10 Home, and I"m not sure of a workable solution for individuals of this edition.

I posted this as an answer on one more question, however as that appears to be a duplicate of this question I"ll carry out it right here too:

You have the right to modify your regional group policy settings to pressure Windows upday to just download updates, but wait for your input to install (and also therefore reboot.)

Open your start food selection and type Group, then click Edit team policy

Expand Computer Configuration Administrative Templates Windows Components Windows Update


Double click Configure Automatic Updates and enable the plan, and also connumber it as essential.


Head earlier to Windows Update and click Check for updates. Once it is done, click the State-of-the-art options

You should view your new settings being "imposed."


After applying this setting on a test VM, I left Windows Upday open up and also noticed it started downloading and install.


When it finishes downloading and install, you acquire a toast notification that there are updates and you need to install them.

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Note that you must click install currently. Refounding or shutting dvery own from the begin menu does not show up to create the install process.

More info:

I"m not sure if editing Local Group Policy is an choice in the Home edition of Windows 10, but the exact same outcome need to be feasible through the registry (I haven"t tested this as I offered the plan approach myself). Including this in instance non-pro users come searching for an answer too.

Press Success + R and form regedit then hit EnterNavigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftWindowsWindowsUpdateAU(you might need to produce the keys manually if they do not exist)

Create a brand-new DWORD value referred to as AUOptions and also enter a value of either 2 or 3.

2 = Notify prior to download3 = Automatically downpack and also educate of installation

Restart PC

Check for updatesInspect State-of-the-art Settings

Update following Anniversary Update (1607):

I"ve checked out a lot a few comments lately from world saying this no much longer works after the Anniversary Update.

I"ve been running some tests, comprehensive in the 2 blog posts here:

These tests have actually been running for practically three weeks and I have yet to view any compelled reboots.

In light of these outcomes, it shows up that this does still work.

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Things to store in mind:

I did not collection any settings about Active Hours or the Reboot Options.DO NOT click the "Install now" switch within the Windows Upday UI unless you"re ready to install and reboot. Once the updays are mounted, there is no avoiding Windows from deciding to reboot.Windows will nag you through Toasts, Action Center advises and banners across your display. As lengthy as you don"t install the updays you"re fine (yet carry out execute them ultimately.)