Computer made a loud pop noise

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My AMD 3000+ device made a loud "POP" noise previously todayequivalent to a gunshot and also shut down. I could not gain it to revolve on afterwards. I took the heatsink off initially to make certain my CPU hadnt exploded for some reason however that wasnt it. I tried plugging in an old 300w Power Supply and I did acquire the computer to turn on. Due to the fact that it was only 300w though I didnt connect the difficult drive and every little thing else to power the device right into windows because I figured I deserve to buy a new PS tomorrow. The PS that popped btw was a Antec 430w.What execute you think would certainly reason a Power Supply to POP like this? Is tright here a opportunity it could have screwed up even more hardware in the computer?



How are you with a soldering iron? Even if you might replace it, other stuff is most likely fried, it would certainly be as well much occupational to examine everything out. Take the hours you"d spend digging via the point electrocuting yourself and spend them at your job instead, you"ll make even more money than it"ll take to buy a brand-new PSU.


Your Antec TP430 simply popped one of it"s capacitors. Theoretically, it is feasible to repair the psu by getting new caps and soldering them on. First, how valuable is your time. Second, exactly how experienced are you through doing this task. Fiddling roughly inside a psu is a dangerous job for the inexperienced. At this allude I would just acquire a new psu. That old 300w psu of yours will certainly most likely run your pc just fine as lengthy as you are simply surfing the web or looking at e-mail. Just don"t game or encode till you get your brand-new psu!
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Of course, however what would certainly make a capacitor pop, they don"t simply gain old and also crap out.

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Yeah they carry out When anything heats up it expands, as soon as cooled it contracts, this tiny, however genuine adjust in size will certainly over time cause the capacitor degrading. Given long enough eventually once the capacitor heats up it will certainly fail and also probably explode.Good quality capacitors don"t experience so a lot from the heating impact, good high quality PSUs store the capacitors relatively cool. Sadly the TP variety cannot be thought about to have either attribute. Not poor, yet not great either.
The TruePowers and SmartPowers are inhabited with Fuhjyyu crapacitors and these caps are to be considered the worst of the worst in electrolytic capacitors. Only counterfeit caps are still worse yet. Hydrogen gas not venting from the cap caused the pop & flash. The aluminum foil used in the cap MUST
be unalloyed pure aluminum, no trace aspects of any type of kind.The electrolyte need to be of high quality. The formulations are favor keys.The assembly rooms need to be filled with absolutely dry, clean air.The over is why the usage of Nipponese caps in PSUs expense $5~$10 more than the use of China/Taiwanese brands.Note: Capacitors carry out have a organization life that is extended the cooler they run.

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Yes mechBgon, I realize your experience with TP/SP units has actually not been poor but most of the PSU issues on this board are with these systems.Blammo300, Bwahahaha! Great nic considering this thcheck out Go to >PSU Forum >the Antec thread, it might be 2 pages in.If you register(to check out attachments), please provide Galvanized the referral.PSU advice deserve to be sought at >reviews or If the unit is still in it"s 3 year warrenty, RMA it.