Compaq laptop wont connect to wifi

wi fi button does not occupational. Compaq does not recognize wi fi when booting up. tried hp update- no success. Tried wi fi asst--it doesn"t work. did complete mechanism shave the right to no viruses uncovered. HELP!!!! thanks!

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Well, either the switch for the WiFi button has actually failed, or the WiFi adapter itself has actually failed.There is an exterior possibility that a wrong driver upday has corrupted the hardware layer.Still, I would certainly suspect the hardware.A reputable lappeak repair center need to be able to verify and relocation the wireless adapter if it has failed.Anvarious other different would certainly be to install a slot (PCMCIA or PCExpress) WiFi adapter. Just make certain to complement the slot type of your computer.Chas


Thanks! I was afrassist of that considering that it worked perfectly for years and currently it simply all of a sudden quit. Wanted a expert opinion though before hauling it off to the repair store! Appreciate your time!



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Ok- currently what is that please? I am not an IT perkid so would certainly you mind informing me wright here this adapter is located? I know simply sufficient about computer systems to be dangerous! But I have the right to figure it out if someone will provide me a little guidance.....


It"s an exterior WiFi adapter. It plugs into one of your computer"s USB port, yet acts simply choose the dead WiFi built into your device.Another choice is a USB cellular modem, that connects to the cell phone netoccupational for Internet accessibility. Obviously, this calls for a business contract with a cellular company provice.Yet an additional option is "tethering" your cell phone. This offers your cell / smart phone"s connection to affix your computer system to the Net. Aget, cellular provider charges will certainly use.Finally, you deserve to always gain an Ethernet cable and affix directly to your router / modem.

"...but acts simply choose the dead WiFi developed right into your mechanism."Well, it acts like your dead WiFi did BEFORE it passed away. :-)

Thanks for the explanation....will certainly certainly explore that choice currently that you defined it to me. Ethernet functions fine yet it ties me to one room wright here the rexternal is located and a couple of feet of wire....working all day is not ideal in this situation so really appreciate your help! Have an excellent one!

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Just because tright here is a Button tbelow does not suppose that this unit has a WiFi Device Fitted simply that there is an alternative for it obtainable. Did this ever before occupational previously?If it didn"t it"s possible that there is no WiFi Device fitted.


Sorry. I supposed believed.If it is an old compaq, ie core duo or pen4,they all usage among a very few systems.They should be quickly got to.Open the panel underneath the laptop.Please be brave and dont panic.Small screw driver opens it and also inside you will certainly view the WiFi unit.It is as simple as changing a RAM module.You can swap it out dead easy if it is knackered for similar unit.Two ariel wires pop off( a fool might perform it, probably also bogus lappeak repair wallahs).Just attempt reseating the original unit to watch if it fires up.If not obtain it off E-bay for about ??3.00If it still doesnt occupational then attempt prayer.But ?? 3.00 is not many money compared to lapheight repair joints.Even legitimate ones.WiFi devices work-related tough for a living and obtain hot.Tghings that gain hot tend to die and also it seems you are addicted to WiFi so I guess it has actually offered you well.Good Luck.