Chrome switch to new tab automatically

I desire stay on current tab, like once I use Gleam on IE. Has Chrome not added option to disable automatic switching to new tab? Are the forum articles under correct? This Reddit article no help.

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How can I speak Chrome from auto switching to new tabs? : chrome

Unfortunately, middle click, ideal click + open new tab, and also Ctrl-click don"t constantly occupational - if the link also triggers somepoint on the site or the website restricts alternate clicks then; middle, best, and Ctrl-clicks do not occupational.

How perform I stop Chrome from auto switching to new tabs? - Programs, Apps and Websites - Linus Tech Tips

Posted June 3, 2018

Gleam is one main website that springs to mind - middle and also appropriate clicking are disabled.

How to disable auto-switching to the next tab ? | Vivaldi Forum

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Deranox: You can"t best currently. Rather, usage one of the various other alternatives to open a background tab. 1) pick "open attach in brand-new background tab" from the conmessage food selection (second choice), 2) usage middle-click the link via your mouse; 3) usage Ctrl+leftclick on the attach through your computer mouse, 4) designate a mouse gesture to open up a background tab when you perdevelop it over a attach.

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The Force Background Tab extension will allow all links opened up in new tabs to pack in the background (not switch to it and also make it active). Force Background Tab GitHub page


Typically, each click a link that desires to open a new tab will certainly ACTIVATE THE NEW TAB. Now, after installing this extension, the brand-new tab will be RUNNING IN THE BACKGROUND.

answered Sep 8 "19 at 6:24

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