Chrome copy and paste not working

I might not usage Ctrl+C to copy texts in Google Chrome from some days earlier. But I have the right to execute it outside of Chrome. What"s the issue ?

It taken place after installing an expansion. I removed it, but the difficulty did not solve



Maybe some extension is to blame? Does it occupational once all extensions are disabled? –user151227 Aug 22 "12 at 14:47
You have the right to recollection your browser settings

Resetting your web browser settings will certainly recollection the undesirable transforms brought about by installing various other programs. However before, your saved bookmarks and also passwords will not be cleared or changed.

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Or there is an exsanxiety Shortcut Manager below, you have the right to look for all shortcuts (by clicking *"All shortcuts list" and also find what for is CRTL+C offered now, and edit it in URL patren put COPY, or delete it, and it shold go back to default browser activity : COPY


Undoubtedly it may be an expansion. Reinstalling chrome as soon as in a while with only proved extensions is a great exercise. Also, attempt CRTL+INS instead of CRTL+C. It may work-related also in a poor extension scenario.


This happened to me in Chrome on Windows 10 simply currently. The problem went amethod after I closed all instances of Chrome internet browser and also rebegan Chrome browser.

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