Charging a ps3 controller without ps3

I usually charge the PS3 controller by connecting it to the PS3 while its idling, yet I guess it"s much much easier to charge it via my PCs USB port.

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Would this work?



Some USBs are taken into consideration "powered" USBs. These will certainly support the controller. Non powered will not. To say "any type of USB port" is inxorrect. –user106385 Jan 3 "16 at 20:44
The PS3 controllers were designed before USB charging was standardised (DCP), so they should carry out some easy negotiation through the host they"re linked to before they"ll charge.

All the created ps3 chargers have actually an easy chip in them which tells the controller it have the right to charge up.


With respect to charging the controller via a PC: If the controller does not start charging when plugged in to your PC (for me, light was on/solid), open up Device Manager, uncover the game controller noted under Person Interconfront Devices, disable the controller making use of the right-click context food selection, unplug the controller, plug the controller back in, and also the controller have to start charging (light(s) on/blinking). I simply showed this procedure functions on Windows 8.1



Yes the PS3 controller have the right to be charged from a USB port on a computer, and there are additionally specialised controller charging stations available. It shows up that generic AC-to-USB adapters will not work-related, probably because the controller needs tool chauffeurs on the hold or some kind of "handshake" in order to charge.


Yes. As lengthy as your charger can effectively negotiate through the object is it charging from, it will work-related. The possibilities depfinish on the majority of things.

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Experience: I have tried this properly through my laptop.

Can additionally be a poor cable. That was my trouble I had actually to obtain a new cable virtual. After I did it functioned like a charm.

And yes they are right you"ll have to connect to a organize to charge the controller. A basic usb wall plug won"t perform it.

Yes charging on COMPUTER works. Had mine plugged in via a USB 4 method port took periods to complete the handshake, therefore my finding this thread be patient It"ll start blinking ultimately.

I"m charging my PS3 controller making use of a portable backup power supply appropriate currently, it also functioned via my COMPUTER and my lapoptimal. It functioned via my wall fastcharger for my Motorola yet not the wall chargers for my notebook, i-phone, nor Samsung.

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PS3 controllers will certainly not charge making use of a wall surface charger, however they will charge once making use of a USB cable associated to a COMPUTER or any type of other port.

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