Change deadzone xbox 360 controller pc

How perform I collection a "dead zone" for my Xbox 360 wired controller (reference image).

Clarification: I expected for usage with my COMPUTER.

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More information: The reason I desire to execute this is because the joystick is beaten up from many intake and currently it suffers from "ghosting" which basically implies it moves slightly and it can quickly screw points up while in-game. For those of you that don"t know what a "dead zone" is it is basically a little location (from the center of the joystick) that is dead so it will certainly sheight relocating and also soptimal ghosting. Google will most likely yield even more indevelopment on the specifics though.


According to this overview this is feasible via pinnacle game profiler. I haven"t tested it out, so I"m not certain if it functions. Give it a shot :).Also it would be great if you could write-up your results earlier, I think most people would certainly discover it advantageous indevelopment in the future.

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Durazno, is a very tiny open-resource XInput wrapper that allows you customise your controller"s properties on a per-game basis. It consists of deadzone fine-tuning, among various other things.



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