Canon there are ports that cannot be used

Printing errors deserve to happen once the print protocol settings of the machine have been readjusted, or when a printer has been added through the Windows printer folder. These errors are frequently brought about by incorrect printer port settings, for instance when a computer system states an incorrect printer port number or kind in the printer driver. To solve this kind of trouble, connumber the printer port settings on the computer system.



Adding a port
When an incorrect port was schosen while installing a printer driver from the Windows printer folder, include a brand-new port. Tright here are two kinds of port: "MFNP Port" and also "Standard TCP/IP Port." Select the port form according to your setting.

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This is a port that allows the IP address of the machine to be detected immediately. Even if the IP address of the machine is changed, the connection is preserved, gave that the machine and the computer system are in the very same subnet. You execute not should add a new port eincredibly time the IP attend to is changed. If you are making use of the machine in an IPv4 environment, you must generally select this type of port.

You have the right to include an MFNP port only once you set up the printer driver from the offered DVD-ROM, or as soon as you downloaded and also set up the printer driver from the Canon website.

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This is a standard Windows port. When you usage this kind of port, you should include a new port every time that the IP deal with of the machine is readjusted. Select this kind of port when you are utilizing the machine in an IPv6 setting and when you cannot include an MFNP port.

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Click . If the problem persists, choose or , enter the IP address or MAC deal with of the machine (Viewing Netoccupational Settings) and then click .
* When you pick the , select under .
If the printing protocol (LPD or RAW) has been changed on the machine side (Configuring Printing Protocols and also Web Services) or the port number has been adjusted (Changing Port Numbers), the corresponding settings on the computer have to additionally be configured. This operation is not needed for WSD ports.