Cannot install drivers. no intel(r) adapters are present in this computer

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Today I installed the Gigalittle CT Desktop Ethernet Adapter (model EXPI9301CT) in my Windows 10 PC.I tried to install chauffeurs for my adapter, making use of the Netjob-related Adapter Driver for Windows 10 (PROWinx64.exe) yet was unable to perform so, as the installer said:"Cannot install drivers. No Adapters are current in this computer system."My next action was to run the Driver & Support Assistant, which recognized my Ethernet adapter, and also said:"This device is working properly"I re-seated my adapter and ran these 2 utilities again, through the very same result.Why does the Netoccupational Adapter Driver for Windows 10 say "No Adapters are present in this computer?"

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Your Gigalittle bit CT card is a design 82574L. EXPI9301CT is just an ordering code. This adapter is from 2008:, the bad news - It is not sustained on Windows 10.

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I appreciate your interemainder. Unfortunately, your answer is not beneficial.EXPI9301CT is the version number for my Gigalittle CT Deskpeak Ethernet Adapter; 82574L is the controller.The adapter was indeed introduced in 2008 yet meant discontinuance is not till Q1"20, and even then, fundamental Ethernet adapters such as mine are generic.Windows 10 has in-box drivers for the adapter and also the controller. PROSet is supported on Windows 10, but not after v.1809. That"s fine, because I don"t require PROSet.Recently I have actually been enduring connectivity problems - my adapter no longer pulls an IP attend to from DHCP - so I though I would certainly attempt"s driver rather of the in-box has motorists for my controller approximately and consisting of Windows 7. I deserve to launch the driver installer in Windows 7 compatibility mode, and installation proceeds generally until it halts because "No Adapters are present in this computer system," which is fairly obviously wrong, as I defined over.If you understand why the driver installer thinks that "No Adapters are existing in this computer," I"ll appreciate understanding the reason.