Can you run 2 vpns at the same time

If you’re familiar via VPNs, you’ve most likely heard some civilization talk about double VPN and also VPN chain relations at one suggest or one more. Well, if you want to learn even more around them, this short article will be best up your alley. We’ll be discussing what double VPN relations are, how they occupational, if they’re worth it, and we’ll also cover exactly how to set up a VPN chain also.

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While the name could indicate you’re making use of 2 VPNs at the exact same time, that’s not normally the situation – unless you’re establishing up a twin VPN link with 2 various VPN providers. Generally, a dual VPN link is once you use two VPN servers at the same time.

Basically, rather of just having actually your web traffic and virtual data secured once by one VPN server, it will be secured twice by two VPN servers.

A lot of people seem to think that a double VPN link means that rather of AES-256 encryption, for example, they’d be protected by AES-512 encryption. While not completely correct, that’s not also far from the truth.

Instead of the very same level of encryption being doubled on its very own, another level of encryption gets included to it. Usually, your virtual website traffic would reach the internet after passing through the VPN server.

With a double VPN link, your website traffic passes through one VPN server, and also then gets redirected with an additional VPN server, and also only after that perform your link repursuits reach the Web.

To acquire a better principle of how a dual VPN functions, here’s a simple overview of the connection process:


So, overall, your virtual website traffic is encrypted, decrypted, re-encrypted, and also decrypted an additional time before it reaches the international internet. Then, it goes with the exact same process before the information you asked for reaches your tool.

Also, with a double VPN link, your genuine IP address gets masked 2 times instead of just once because it gets surprise behind 2 server addresses.

Can You Use Multiple VPNs at the Same Time?

Yes, you aren’t actually restricted to simply two simultaneous VPN relations. You can have actually multiple VPN relationships at the very same time. When you carry out that, though, it’s no much longer dubbed a double VPN connection but VPN chaining, VPN cascading, or a multihop VPN (given that the website traffic hops through multiple servers).


So, instead of having actually your traffic pass with two VPN servers, you can have it pass with 3 or four servers, for instance. Each servers supplies an extra layer of encryption and also adds another IP attend to in the mix, further securing your virtual identity.

The Advantperiods of Double VPN Connections

Many of the benefits you have to recognize about involve gaining a greater level of Web protection and privacy.

Overall, right here are the particular benefits of using a double VPN connection:

The second VPN server you attach to will certainly not understand what you real IP resolve is considering that it will only see the initially VPN server’s attend to.Your digital website traffic and also information are encrypted 2 times (or even more if you erected a VPN chain through many hops).A double VPN link reduces the hazard of you being exposed to a traffic correlation assault (a correlation between the incoming and also outgoing traffic on a VPN server). Although, it is vital to cite that such an strike is extremely unmost likely to happen to you as a VPN user. Still, this is a perk of using a twin VPN connection.

Also, if you decide to put up a multihop VPN connection, you’ll have the ability to hide your digital footprints behind multiple geo-areas (considering that you’re using more than 2 VPN servers).

The Disbenefits of Double VPN Connections

“What carry out I need to problem about if I usage a double VPN link or a VPN chain?”

Not much, to be hocolony. The major and also single concern with setting a double VPN connection or a multihop VPN chain is the decrease in connection speeds. After all, we’re talking around having actually your connection go with 2 or more VPN servers and also multiple encryption procedures at the very same time. That will take its toll on your Net speed.

You have the right to proccasion some loss in rate by only using VPN servers that are geographically close to you, however the encryption, decryption, and re-encryption processes will certainly still likely slow-moving down your digital rate.

Now, there are the majority of things that affect what type of VPN speed you will obtain, so if you desire to learn even more around that, check out this overview we composed on the topic. But the primary idea is that you should expect some loss in performance if you run a twin or multihop VPN connection.

To acquire an idea of what we’re talking about, if you have a 100 Mbps connection, a four-hop VPN link might take your downpack speed dvery own to about 25 Mbps (provided you have actually a secure Web connection and also a device that’s not too outdated, of course).

Besides that, a double or chain VPN connection is typically even more expensive than a continuous one. Whether we’re talking about a VPN provider that offers integrated double or chain VPN connections, or simply using multiple servers from different providers, you’re going to end up paying even more money.

How to Chain VPNs

There are many ways you deserve to set up a double VPN or chain VPN link. According to our study, these are the ideal options:

1. Doublehop VPNs

A doublehop VPN is usually a feature available by some VPN companies. Basically, as soon as you connect to a details VPN server, your link is automatically linked to another server, and just after that do your researches reach the internet.

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So, for circumstances, an example of a doublehop VPN link would certainly be a provider who provides a Canada-US connection. When you attach to the Canada VPN server, your traffic is then sent with the US server to the Net.

Keep in mind the relations are generally static, meaning you can’t choose which VPN servers you will certainly use in your double VPN link.

2. Self-Configurable Multihop VPN Connections

These relationships are basically VPN cascading, however the VPN provider enables you to connumber them within the VPN client. Essentially, you can pick which servers you desire to be component of the VPN cascade.

The total variety of hops depends on what the VPN provider uses, but the standard is as much as 4 VPN server hops.

Please store in mind that VPN providers that sell such functions generally have pricier subscription plans.

3. Router Setup + VPN Client Connections

One reasonably basic method to set up a dual VPN link is to configure the VPN organization on your router, and then install the VPN client on among your tools (favor your mobile phone, for example).


This method, eincredibly time you attach to the Internet at house through shelp tool, you will be using a double VPN link since your website traffic will first go through the VPN server configured on your router, and then with the second VPN server you affix to with the client.

4. Browser Exanxiety + VPN Client Connections

If your VPN provider provides a secure internet browser proxy alongside the client, you can incorporate both of them right into one connection. The principle is to attach to a VPN server through the client initially, and then to an additional one via the web browser expansion.

Please save in mind that if you carry out this, you won’t exactly gain a twin VPN connection considering that most VPN extensions are proxies (which are various from VPNs), meaning you’re obtaining a VPN + proxy link rather. Still, we decided to add this strategy to the list considering that it’s still a good way to hide your geo-area behind two various servers at the very same time.

If you setup on doing this, we recommfinish sticking to main extensions provided by reputable, paid VPN carriers. While there are plenty of free, stand-alone internet browser proxies online, it’s not really safe to use them. These kinds of extensions have been previously found to execute points prefer marketing user bandwidth or leaking user IP addresses.

5. Host Machine + Virtual Machine

The principle is reasonably basic, but establishing every little thing up can be a little bit complicated if you’re not acquainted through the idea of a virtual machine.

Basically, you use a service like VirtualBox (free) to install a virtual operating mechanism within your existing operating device (favor having actually Windows XP essentially mounted within Windows 7).

Once you’re done with the installation procedure, you connumber the VPN client in the online machine. Next off, you initially run the VPN on the organize machine (your main operating system), and then you run the second VPN client in the digital machine.

The just drawearlier with this technique is that you require a relatively powerful device that deserve to manage the VPN’s multiple encryption and decryption processes, and the online machine itself.

Naturally, you have the right to actually put up one more digital machine within the existing online machine to make the existing double VPN connection right into a triple VPN link (and also so on), but doing that could take a bigger toll on your system’s sources.

6. A VPN Chain via Different Providers

In this case, you’d be establishing up a VPN chain through even more than one VPN provider, using a VPN server from each one. The total variety of service providers counts on whether you simply want a double VPN or a multihop VPN with up to four hops or even more.

Regarding just how to chain VPNs this method, you can pretty much usage any type of of the choices pointed out over.

For example, you can erected a VPN organization from one provider on your rexternal, install a VPN client from a various provider on your lappeak, and then run an additional client from an additional VPN provider in a Virtual Machine on your lapoptimal.

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Of course, this technique is going to be pretty expensive given that you’ll have to pay for separate subscriptions.