Can .rar files contain viruses

I heard from some techie perkid that .rar and .zip papers never gain infected by viroffers.

Is this true? If yes, then why such behavior?



What they most likely supposed to say was that if a virus is in an archive, it cannot execute any type of damages. This is because it is not running, and also can"t run, until it is extracted. This security benefit goes amethod if a user unzips it.

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It is no even more safe in truth though, than any type of other file on your computer that you are not clicking on.

EDIT: If it was automatically safe, that would certainly be the finest anti-virus regimen in the civilization.


Common virsupplies generally appfinish themselves to executable records, so that they themselves get loaded right into memory. They will certainly then spreview to various other executable file to increase their chance of obtaining loaded and spcheck out.

Archives (zip, rar, etc) dont obtain infected as they arent executed. However before, archives are an extremely widespread method to spcheck out infected executables.

Tbelow might be virsupplies that particularly tarobtain archives, such as zip and also rar. I dont think your "techie person" have the right to say that so issue of factly. More than most likely, he doesnt understand what he is talking around, or simply sassist that to offer you a solution.

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What I think he is saying is that winrar can defend your files from standard virus favor the ones we enrespond to a lot of times not the kind that is directed to ur .zip file, because a regime deserve to actually be written to jeopardise your .zip folder.

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answered Nov 6 "16 at 17:10

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I think what that techie perboy was trying to say is this:

When a paper inside an archive is modified, the archiver (let"s say WinRAR) will certainly ask you if you desire to upday the archive.

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So, you run an EXE wich is inside of an archive, on an infected computer system. Throughout this process, the EXE file will be extracted to Windows"s temp folder and let"s suppose that the virus will certainly infect it. When you cshed the archive that"s once you will be asked if you want to update the archive, because the file was modified.

IMPORTANT: store in mind likewise that if the EXE I gaved as an example, has actually a configuration file that stays in the very same folder you possibly also be asked the same question, because after extractivity and execution the routine will try to save it"s configuration file.

You deserve to test this for yourself, for example:

Archive a message record, then open this document inside the archive and edit it. Then cshed the archive.

I should say that an archive is the perfect antivirus! I"ve been utilizing it for years along with prevalent sense, and I never before had actually a problem.

If you keep all your documents archived, then you have the right to rest assured that virsupplies ar a point of the past because also if they infect your computer system you simply reinstall Windows and foracquire around it.

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I personally favor to reinstall Windows (depending on your abilities and COMPUTER, it have the right to take 30" up to 3-4h for all the programs) rather than to have actually my PC run with an AV scanning all the time, slowing every little thing dvery own.

Many PC individuals need to be fine utilizing widespread feeling. Typical feeling is the initially sense in user privacy and also defense, second is WinRAR and the remainder is history :D

If I were to build an AV it would certainly be the first true AV ever created :)) it would be ONE eyed :)) and also watch every little thing, virprovides would certainly have actually no area to be =)) LOL I"m damn funny hahaha