Can ping printer but cannot add

I have actually a wiremuch less printer that efficiently connects to the netoccupational, and I deserve to ping it. However, as soon as I send print work to it, nopoint happens, and the queue stops working. I've tested a number of chauffeurs for it and also all fail. What else have the right to I try?


Pinging implies nopoint. Not sure why people think that's some sort of proof of somepoint.

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Have you examined the IPs for your devices and what IP is assigned to the printer to determine if they're on the same network?

How did you erected the printer on your computer?

uhm, duh, being able to ping a device means it's associated to the netjob-related. quit analysis at that suggest.

Ping it, see if you get a reply. Unplug the printer, ping it again and also make sure you don't acquire a reply. This will make sure that somepoint else doesnt have the exact same IP.

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Reaffix the printer and also collection it up on a traditional tcp/IP port, not a WSD port. The Port setup have to acknowledge the tool. The Port Configuration must be the majority of most likely pointed at Port 9100. You may desire to UNCHECK the inspect box in the Port Configuration marked SNMP permitted. I have had actually instances wright here the Port that the SNMP protocol provides is blocked and reasons the printer to display offline. I have actually never before had negative results once unchecking it.

Other than that, view if you have the right to Net right into the printer (just enter the printers IP in the URL window of a browser). If you deserve to, go to the configuration settings and make sure some overzealous but unknowledgeable IT perboy hasn't disabled some protocol such as DIPRINT or port 9100.

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Wish I was tright here, I would certainly have it working in 5 minutes!

Good luck!

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Thanks. funny story: for some reason the printer is hard-wired to usage port 6101. I didn't realise I had actually to adjust this, however it took me ages to discover where to change this (I assumed it'd just detect the port). Once I changed the port from 9100 to 6101 points magically started making a noise!

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