Can pcie x1 fit in x16

Will this work? I found a cheap serial port card I need for a POS receipt printer but I"m not sure if the computer system has actually a PCI Expush x1 slot.

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For sure it has a PCI slot though so I"m wondering if I have the right to pop it in



No, they have actually different sized slots, and also their bprovides differ.

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Rule of thumb tends to be you have the right to put a "smaller" PCIe card right into a larger slot - so a x1 will fit in an x16.

If you"re trying to put in an pci e x1 card into a pci slot, adaptors exist - these use chips that were originally expected for using GPUs designed for pci-e on PCI. Most devices have to have at leastern one x1 card slot, unmuch less this is somepoint like mini ITX

However many kind of modern units execute still have serial port headers. Its worth checking if you have actually one, getting an ideal adaptor and also using that rather.


You can place a PCIe 1x card right into any easily accessible PCIe slot and also it will certainly work-related -- even if the slot is longer than the card.

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You can NOT plug it right into the PCI slot but.


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What specifically is a “PCI Express card slot (physical link width x16; negotiable link width x4, x1)”?

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