Can i use my old hard drive with a new motherboard

When replacing a motherboard you have the right to practically definitely usage your tough disks, the question is how a lot additional occupational and configuration you might require.

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A motherboard is the main circuit board in a computer. It frequently has actually sockets for the machine’s CPU, RAM, key-board, mouse, and disk controllers, and also the circuiattempt to interaffix them all.(Click on the term for full definition.)
">motherboard for my computer, have the right to I usage the hard drives that Ihave actually via it? From what I’ve review, I mean the existing C drive operatingsystem won’t work-related via a new motherboard, but if I mounted the operatingmechanism on my present D drive, and also provided that as the new C drive, would it work-related,or would certainly I be risking the information on the drive? (I really don’t desire tolose all my pictures!) I would certainly then want to put my current C drive in as my newD drive, and also delete the old OS off that. Also would certainly the programs get confusedregarding what drive they are on?

The short answer is yes you have the right to most likely perform what you’re arguing. In truth,it’s one way I’d most likely method the trouble myself.

But we also must set some expectations about what it is you’ll have actually whenyou’re done.

First, if you obtain the exact very same motherboard as a replacement you canmore than likely simply prevent the problem complete. Chance are you can just plug C: intoC:, D: right into D: and also points will certainly most likely simply job-related.

If you have a various motherboard (replacement is always a great time foran upgrade :-), or you simply desire to play it safe, then plugging your new drivein as C: and also your old C: drive in as D: provides the majority of feeling, and will in allprobcapability work-related just fine.

You’ll install Windows onto your brand-new drive, and also when done whatever thatwas on your old C: drive will show up on your new D:. Very handy, and also you shouldbe able to copy those pictures off through no problem.

But you raise a great issue: everything may not be what you expect.

Yes, your programs will be very confused. For one thing, sinceyou’ve mounted Windows from scratch onto your new drive, the programs will certainly nolonger be “installed”. They’ll be current on the D: drive, however they’ll nolonger show up in the Start menu. If you execute regulate to situate and also run among theprograms, it’s likely that it’ll fail since every one of its settings that were keptin the Windows registry
The registry is a structured database of indevelopment controlled by Windows supplied for application, user, and also device settings, configuration indevelopment, passwords, and also even more.(Click on the term for complete interpretation.)
">registry are no longer in the regisattempt of the newly installedWindows. Temporary areas or other support documents that are component of setting upa program are, efficiently, wiped out with a clean instevery one of Windows.

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“… sinceyou’ve mounted Windows from scratch onto your brand-new drive, the programs will certainly nomuch longer be ‘installed’.”

The files will still be on the D: drive, however Windows, and the application,will have actually lost track of them.

Now, there are applications out tbelow that you deserve to purchase that claim to beable to “move” set up programs from one computer system to another, or from oneHard Disk Drive
An HDD, or Hard Disk Drive, is information storage consisted of of magnetic spinning disks.(Click on the term for full definition.)
">difficult disk to one more. Because of the intricacy associated in doing so reliably,I’m rather hesitant – however it’s skepticism born of ignorance, as I’ve nottried such a utility. Yet. I carry out have actually a copy of one of the more reputableprograms on my shelf for review later this year.

Without such a utility, the solution is to reinstall every one of yourapplications from their initial install CDs. In my opinion that’s among thethe majority of dependable viewpoints you can take. It is a little bit of work-related – however when done, youhave actually not only a fresh, clean instevery one of Windows, yet the exact same for every one of theapplications you decided to reinstall.

Once the applications have been reset up, you have the right to copy over information filesfrom your old drive and be on your method.

We’re not done! I can’t let this go without this comment:You’re not backing up, and also you have to be.

If you have necessary points on your difficult drive that you don’t desire to loseand also they’re just on that hard drive – you’re taking a huge hazard. Someday that tough disk can die – without warning, and without recoextremely. You couldeasily shed whatever that’s on it. I stronglyrecommend you take this possibility to invest in a backup
A backup is nopoint more than an additional copy of data, ideally maintained in a different area than the original.(Click on the term for complete interpretation.)
">backup strategy that willcover your assets in instance of a disaster scenario.

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