Can i use different brands of ram

Is mixing brands of RAM a great point or a bad thing? This is a debate that many kind of world have actually had actually over the years and also the sides just dig in deeper and deeper. The controversy reras on as computer systems and also laptop computers are develop with many kind of even more RAM slots than ever before. But is tright here a last answer to this question? It is okay to usage different RAM sticks or use 2 various brands of RAM?


The task of RAM in your COMPUTER is to remember computations for a finite amount of time so that your processor doesn’t have to store redoing the exact same work-related over and over aacquire.

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If you’ve obtained old RAM sitting about your office, you probably don’t want it to go to waste. However, you may need to buy even more and you aren’t sure if mixing one brand through another will certainly result in performance concerns.

Mixing RAM Brands, Is It A Good Idea?

Tbelow is a difference between whether or not you deserve to mix RAM brands and whether or not it is an excellent concept to carry out so. Of course, you deserve to do nearly anypoint that you desire if you have actually the technological prowess to execute so.

In general, it is recommended that you usage RAM sticks that are the exact same size, the same frequency, the exact same speed, and of course, by the very same brand. This will ensure that every little thing plays well together and also you save your COMPUTER functioning at its finest feasible level.

TLDR Summary: However, that doesn’t suppose you cannot carry out it. If you aren’t going to use your computer system greatly (as you would certainly when you game), you may not see many kind of difficulties at all. If you are gaming, you might not obtain the performance that you want.

Mixing RAM Size

Most world will certainly agree that you don’t desire to mix RAM modules in your computer system. This means that if you have DDR2, you shouldn’t use it with DDR3. If you have DDR3, you shouldn’t use it via DDR, and also so in the different types of RAM. This is the straightforward part bereason they will not fit into the very same slots. Now, RAM is a bit even more complicated than that.


If you perform mix RAM dimension, you require them to have the exact same voltage in order for them to perform at optimal levels. If they do not, you will constantly default to the lowest voltage.

Their respective controller have to also be compatible as well as compatible with the motherboard. Hence, it is ideal to use the very same size and also brand of RAM in the slots.

If you perform mix RAM sizes, you have to use them together. For example, you deserve to usage one RAM stick that is 3GB and an additional that is 6 GB. When you are in Flex Mode (or dual-channel mode), the RAM will certainly perform favor 2 3GB RAM sticks in order to optimize performance.

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When both sticks are filcaused that 3GB level, the continuing to be 3GB will certainly run in single-channel mode. This implies you will experience some slowing, but it will certainly still be quicker than what you had actually before currently.

Mixing Ram Brands

If you are going to buy brand-new RAM, you deserve to mix RAM brands. However before, it will certainly make your life much easier if you buy the specific same type of RAM. You won’t need to execute anything new and you aren’t putting your machine at as a lot of a threat. You desire to ensure that each stick has actually the exact same timings, voltage, and CAS latency as well as specs.

You deserve to tweak these things, if you recognize what you are doing, and also make two sticks complement that carry out not. You will certainly have to spfinish the majority of time doing this and you probably won’t be able to carry out it the initially time that you try. Plus, there’s really no 100% guaranteed means that this will certainly work. In significance, you are doing the majority of work-related that you don’t need to do in order to execute somepoint that can not pay off in the finish.

Mixing Ram Speeds

You deserve to mix RAM speeds, yet. This is something that many world will certainly execute. You simply need to be sure that you match all those crucial facets, including timings, voltage, and CAS latency. You will certainly be performing to the speed of the sreduced RAM and also your motherboard will instantly underclock the faster one. Even so, tbelow shouldn’t be any problems.

Now, mixing will certainly constantly result in more problems. There is a great opportunity that you will certainly never before check out any type of of these difficulties. Even so, you might face the Blue Screen of Death if something does go wrong. Your computer system is most likely to run fine if you mix various RAM brands, different RAM speeds, and various RAM sizes.


However before, if you are going to buy a new RAM stick, it would certainly advantage you to simply buy something that is compatible.

Not only will this help you to stop problems, but it will additionally actually help you to enhance performance and obtain the many out of all of the components of your computer system.

So at the finish of the day, yes you deserve to mix RAM brands as long as you are careful. While many civilization will more than likely agree that it isn’t the ideal point you can perform for your computer system or for performance, it isn’t going to carry out a lot damage either.

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In basic, we indicate just mixing RAM brands if you are going to conserve approximately acquire even more RAM of the very same brand also or you carry out not have actually any type of various other options. No issue what you execute, your computer system will constantly perdevelop to the abilities of the reduced quality RAM.