Can i use a laptop without a battery

Inquiry from Tim H.: Hello Rick. I have what is sucount an easy question to answer.

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Is it safe to run a lappeak without a battery installed? I’ve heard conflicting answers and I’d really love to have actually your opinion on the matter.

I’m asking because the battery in my Lenovo ThinkPad T400s has actually gone poor, and also I don’t really desire to relocation it unless I absolutely need to.

I arrangement to usage this machine as a “Deskpeak PC” till it entirely stops working.

Rick’s answer: Tim, your lappeak will run simply fine without a battery installed via nary a trouble. If you eventually decide to go that route you shouldn’t encounter any problems at all.

But that being said, tright here a few points to take into consideration before you decide to forgo the battery altogether:

1 – A battery can come in handy at times even as soon as a lappeak is offered as a “Deskheight PC”. For instance, it have the right to serve as a built-in battery backup/UPS in the time of times of significant power fluctuations and also short-term outages (which take place to occur fairly often) .

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Have you ever before had the power go out right prior to you save a prolonged document that you’ve been functioning on? If so, you understand exactly how troublesome that have the right to be.

2 – While your intention is to usage your lapoptimal as a “Desktop” PC, you could wish to temporarily move it to an additional room or take it with you on a trip eincredibly currently and then. And both are much easier to perform if there is a hot battery installed.

And by the means, I constantly recommend traveling through an older, much less useful laptop that won’t reason a mountain of grief have to it acquire shed, stolen or damaged.

3 – Many replacement lapoptimal batteries are actually reasonably cheap these days. As a matter of truth, as of this writing brand brand-new replacement batteries for your T400s

(#ad) are rather affordable.

Bottom line: You have the right to indeed run your lappeak without a battery for as lengthy as you favor, however you can want to think about buying a replacement battery anymethod for the factors pointed out above.

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I hope this helps, Tim. Good luck!

Bonus guideline #1: Read this post to learn why I now recommend buying third-party replacement batteries instead of “OEM” batteries made by your laptop’s manufacturer.

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