Can i unplug a hard drive while computer is on

If you have actually ever supplied a mac you will have actually undoubtedly unplugged a tough drive and also been told you shouldn’t have actually done that. Windows doesn’t tend to tell you off but the very same reasoning applies.

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You can unplug a USB external difficult drive while the computer is running. Use the safely remove hard drive button on Windows or eject switch on Mac to encertain no information is corrupted. Do not remove interior hard drives while the computer is on.

That is the basic dominion to follow but tright here are variables here and the safely rerelocate drive button isn’t constantly necessary.


Can I remove a tough drive without clicking safely rerelocate hardware?

We have all done it. Well I have actually and also consistently carry out in fact I can’t remember the last time I clicked that switch and it hasn’t caused me any trouble yet. There is a great factor for that, you have the right to pull a difficult drive without issue as lengthy as you are certain that no programs are using it. Windows is optimized for this attribute to better safeguard your data by disabling write caching by default. This is why as soon as you pull out a flash drive without hitting that switch it doesn’t pop up via a warning favor on Mac. The payoff is that it reduces the performance of your difficult drive.

Write Caching is as soon as your computer system stores data locally on your mechanism before transporting it to your storage gadget. This enables the tough drive to work-related quicker as it effectively frees up the RAM on the tough drive by utilizing the RAM of the computer, but, if you opt for much better performance you much better begin remembering to hit that safely remove hardware switch, or else you are going to shed data.


You deserve to think of it as a dialogue between the computer and also the hard drive if you like…

Write Caching disabled…

PC – I have actually a ton of information for you.

Drive – Yep I’ll take that now.

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PC – right here ya go!

Write Caching enabled…

PC – I have a ton of data for you.

Drive – Stash it for me bud.

COMPUTER – no problem

20 mins later…

COMPUTER – You desire this stuff now?…. Hello?… They’ve gone…. delete it is then.

Hopecompletely, that demonstrates just how easy it is to shed information via create caching enabled. I don’t recommend it unless you are trying to acquire some significant performance out of a tough drive and also have the self-control of a monk. I personally have actually committed yanking out any old drive to muscle memory. Even on a Mac also after they warn me!

Can I unplug an inner tough drive while the computer is on?

Internal Hard drives using SATA should not be unplugged while the computer is on. Electrical commodities must always be disassociated from the mains whenever before you remove the casing.

Apart from the hazard of electrical shock inner drives tfinish to be set up for create caching as they don’t tend to go walkies so frequently and also if they perform it’s safe to presume that you have shut dvery own your COMPUTER and also that all the cache has actually been properly spread.


While it is ok to plug in and remove outside difficult drives without problem it is worth doing it appropriately if you desire to stop information loss and corruption. The ideal practice is to use the safely rerelocate hardware function on home windows and also the eject feature on Mac. That means you know your information has actually the ideal opportunity at being tbelow following time you plug in the drive.

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As for internal drives. Just turn the machine off and unplug it. Tright here is no advantage from including or rerelocating a drive and also the risk of losing information is as high as acquiring electrocuted.