By default, computers that are installed with wds join the windows domain automatically.

Spun up a WDS server which requires pxe approval.During the approval process, I will certainly name the machine and then it’s included to AD.If I do NOT use an answer file for the picture, I need to go with the OOBE but it’s added to the doprimary and also named properly.If I used a solution file, I had actually to particularly add to the domajor in the answer file and also the computer name is randomly created.Need some ideregarding why this is happening.

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Sounds like a trouble through your answer fileCan you article your answer file, remember to redact the exclusive info in the file you don’t desire to share



Win10 1709 or higher? If you did not specifiy a computername in the unattfinish.xml, it sounds choose you experienced an supposed actions.

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"In Windows 10, individuals have the right to no much longer enter a computer system name during OOBE as the name is auto-generated. To collection a default computer name pre-OOBE, OEMs can connumber ComputerName in the unattfinish file and specify a name for the computer."

Windows 7I haven’t watched anypoint that says “if you use an image unattfinish xml, that will override wds naming and also joining domain makers that are preapprovedExampleIf I name a mechanism that is preapverified, wds will sign up with to domain automaticallyIf I name a mechanism that is preapproved but the image I am installing has actually an unattend file schosen, that machine gets a random name and also not joined to the domain instantly. (Unless especially characterized.I will certainly post my unattfinish file quickly.

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My unattfinish has it pointed out twice. One with an * when it does oobeThen I little bit additionally dvery own when it joins to the domajor it has actually %machinename% If I rotate approval off and also the computer system being developed is not already in ad it asindications a random computer name based upon the settings within wds otherwise it names itself what was in adIf I rotate approval on it will certainly asauthorize the name offered regardmuch less of what is in ad or not

I use WDS via MDT and also I’m producing own compname throughout the task sequence or in CustomSetups.ini. MDT it is an extremely powerful tool. I’m really recommfinish it to usage.

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