Bose companion 5 no sound windows 10

Hey Roon, if JRiver deserve to do this, so should you. Should have actually been fixed long back. I am a specifier. No longer able to specify Roon unmuch less this is reresolved.

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Earl_Levin — Thank you for the report and sharing your feedago through us. I observed you had posted in two different threads concerning the discussed BOSE tool and have considering that consolidated your comments into their very own thread so we can resolve this actions via you directly.

Just to be clear, we absolutely desire these to work, and we’ve made alters at least 3 times in the previous attempting to resolve these concerns, sadly to no avail.

From what we have the right to tell, these speakers (or at leastern the Bose models we’ve looked at in the past) just accept 6 channel audio, which is a definitively non-typical method to architecture a product favor this. The last time we took a long look at this trouble we did not assistance multichannel, so tbelow might be more we can do now to get this functioning.

I would certainly favor to obtain your information into the ticket that we are using to track this actions and as such would certainly exceptionally kindly prefer to ask you for the following:

Just to confirm, the “failure” is that while Roon is able to detect the Companion 5 it cannot play to them, correct?

The gadget setup window for the Bose Companion 5 audio zone in Roon please enable “Work around tools that misreport capabilities” and also verify if this activity yields a change in habits.

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Roon Version: 1.5 (construct 323) steady (64 bit)Windows 10…many present release.PC Workterminal w 32 gigs of RAMMusic imported utilizing iTunes Lossless. No trouble establishing up music library and also playing on the complying with devices:PS Audio Direct Stream DAC by means of Bridge II: Connection via NetworkSonos at 5 locations: Connection using Network.

Bose website for PC USB Workstation Speakers, Roon software application identifies as straight linked to the COMPUTER, wbelow Roon software program and music papers reside; able to pick as an output tool through no response:

The Bose device is composed of two tweeters and also a base speaker. The tweeters plug right into the base speaker and the base speaker plugs right into the PC via a USB link.

​All various other software application, consisting of JRiver, have no worries. Many of my clients have actually mixed setups from incredibly standard PC speakers and also Sonos devices and also those that have a high appreciation for audio listening…DAC interencounters such as the PS Audio Direct Stream through a Bridge II Netjob-related Link. I commonly sit the Owner down and also present them easily accessible software and exactly how it works, in addition to other units such as Lutron Homeworks QS. I desire to encompass Roon as component of the selection procedure, however, I am unable to carry out so till this is reresolved.​

Appreciate your help in acquiring this reresolved.

Earl_Levin ----- Thank you for the follow up! A few things proceeding forward…

Were you ever able to test through mentioned setting enabled in Roon? Curious regarding what the outcome of that test was.

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“The device setup home window for the Bose Companion 5 audio zone in Roon please permit “Work roughly tools that misreport capabilities” and verify if this activity yields a readjust in behavior.”

I would certainly choose to enable diagnostics on your account so our techs deserve to have a closer look into this behavior. However, before I allow this feature please recreate the worry and note…

The time of day once the worry emerged.What track and/or album you attempted to play at the time of the error.