Bootmgr image corrupt system cannot boot

When you revolve on your COMPUTER, you expect to view the Windows startup display soon afterward, followed by your familiar Windows login screen. You don’t suppose to encounter a boot error instead—yet when it happens, it happens. In this information recoexceptionally instance examine, our client ran into a BOOTMGRphoto error in which Windows informed them that “the BOOTMGR photo is corrupt”. In many cases, an error like this deserve to be resolved and you have the right to have actually your computer system up and running before you recognize it. But in this client’s situation, the error was a a lot grimmer portent of a serious and also catastrophic hard drive crash.

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Read on to see exactly how our information recoincredibly experts salvaged their data—but first, here are some tips on what you deserve to do to solve this BOOTMGR photo error on your own (assuming your difficult drive doesn’t require a pilgrimage to our data recovery lab):

Bootmgr Image error maintaining you from your data?
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Our customer in this information recovery case involved us via a hard disk drive that had actually failed and also was reflecting a BOOTMGR Image Error

Your BIOS might likewise have collection its mind on trying to boot from a USB device or your CD/DVD drive instead of your tough drive. Going right into the boot alternatives in your BIOS and making sure your hard drive is first on the list may settle the BOOTMGR image error.

If none of these options occupational, rerelocate the tough drive and attempt to review data from it by hooking it as much as one more computer system. The hard drive may be failing (like our client here), in which instance you won’t have the ability to check out any type of data from the drive. It will take a hard drive data recoexceptionally expert to recuperate any important data from the drive.

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If somepoint else is the problem…

The BOOTMGR image error have the right to periodically be brought about not by a hard drive worry, but by bad RAM or a bad CMOS battery on the motherboard. One or even more of the RAM sticksin your COMPUTER may have actually gone bad—or the link in between the RAM and motherboard might have acquired dirty. You deserve to clean a RAM stick’s connection suggest sensibly easilyby utilizing rubbing alcohol and also a soft towel or cotton swab.

The CMOS battery on your motherboard looks like an oversized watch battery. When it dies, it deserve to proccasion your computer system from understanding the ideal time or preserving your BIOS settings between reboots. It deserve to likewise, in rare circumstances, cause a BOOTMGR photo error. You deserve to replace a CMOS battery by following the instructions right here. While it’s exceptionally rare for the CMOS battery to reason a BOOTMGR image error by dying, it is possible, and we favor to cover our bases.

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If you haven’t been able to deal with your BOOTMGR picture error utilizing the above approaches, and you can’t pull any data off of your hard drive—your drive has gone belly-up. Before you begin to panic around your lost files, family members photos, and various other irreplaceable data—there’s still hope.