Bluetooth turns off when phone locks

To affix through a brand-new Bluetooth accessory or other gadget, you need to pair with it. You just have to execute this once for each device.

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Set the tool you desire to pair (accessory, computer system, other phone, etc.) to Bluetooth discovery mode so that your phone can uncover it. See the tool manufacturer’s instructions.On your phone, go to Settings > Connected devices.Touch.As the phone searches for available gadgets, you"ll watch
.Touch an obtainable tool to connect.Do any kind of of the following:If a pairing code appears on your phone and also Bluetooth gadget, make sure the codes complement. (If they do not, touch Cancel, verify the name of the tool you want to pair via, and try aacquire.)If your tool mirrors a passkey (favor 0000 or 1234), enter it on your phone. If you don"t view a place to enter it, swipe dvery own from the top of your display screen and touch the Bluetooth notification.If your tool does not show a passvital and you have to enter one for the gadget to pair, watch the device manufacturers" instructions.Touch Pair on your phone AND touch the pairing prompt on the various other device. If you don"t confirm on both tools, pairing will certainly fail.Set sharing alternatives if you"ll want to share contacts, phone audio, media audio, or internet access.
Tip: If you use a display screen lock, you can specify a paired Bluetooth device as a trusted gadget, keeping your phone unlocked while associated to it. When you disattach or relocate out of array, your phone locks aobtain. Go to Setups > Security > Smart Lock > Trusted devices.

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Tip: Bluetooth connections can really drainpipe your battery. Save power by turning Bluetooth off once you"re not associated to a maker.
Make or get calls with a headsetMake or get calls and play music over your car"s audio systemTransfer musicShare photosShare contactsShare your phone"s internet connection via your computer
Go to Settings > Connected tools.Do among the following:For a currently associated gadget, touch the gadget name.For a formerly paired gadget, beside the tool name touch
.Turn sharing options on or off.On the paired gadget or in the device’s app, look for Bluetooth settings to review and adjust. For more indevelopment, see the paired tool manufacturer’s instructions.

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Reaffix via Bluetooth device

Open quick settings and touch
to revolve it on.Turn on the Bluetooth gadget.

Change phone"s name

Go to Setups > Connected devices.Touch > Device g