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Hello Everyone,

I have actually been trying to upgrade the software of my BB9900 and was unable to perform so. I acquire this error display in the screenshot listed below as soon as attempting to do so. I downloaded the Deskoptimal Manager and also deleted the ‘vendor.xml’ file. And then opening it offers me this ‘Cannot connect via connected tool error’. I tried the ‘Retry’ choice and getting the very same error presented again, I tried to upday. And I obtain a message that claims no device software program updates are easily accessible. Is it vital to have actually active BlackBerry subscriptions to percreate a software upgrade? I don’t I have actually done anything to damages or change the settings of my BlackBerry. What can be resulting in this error? Have any kind of concepts anyone? Please suggest. Thanks a million for your help.

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Blackberry desktop computer software program cannot connect with the connected device.

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If the tool is rebooting or has a dead battery. Click reattempt to attempt to reattach when the gadget reboots.

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If clicking retry doesn’t affix the gadget. Or the gadget isn’t rebooting with a charged battery. you might must upday your blackberry tablet OS to correct the difficulty.

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Blackberry Desktop software program cannot connect through the connected device

Hi John,The error is because the protocols required for the network-related link are disabled.To solve this error follow the steps pointed out below:1) Click 'Start', pick 'Control Panel'2) Select 'Netjob-related connections' option from the list3) In the 'LAN or High Speed Internet' window, best click regional location connection value4) Select 'Research in activity netoccupational device' and click 'Properties'5) Check the 'Client for Microsoft Networks' checkbox6) Select the 'Documents and also printer sharing for Microsoft Networks', 'Net Protocol' checkbox in the system7) Click 'Hardware' tab and choose 'Device Manager' option8) Check 'Network Adapters' option is enables in the system