Black ops 4 pc black screen

If you’re suffering multiple crashes, various disconnects, or stcapability troubles in Call of Duty: Babsence Ops 4 for COMPUTER, follow these procedures to see if they solve your issues.

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1. Scan Call of Duty Video Game Files

Open the Blizzard client and choose Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Click Options, and also then Sdeserve to and also Repair.


Playing Blackout Setting is also even more intensive on your computer, because tright here is so a lot even more happening via 100 civilization in a game than tbelow is as soon as only 8-12 people are in a game.

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If Blackout Mode is also laggy even on the lowest settings, it might be time for a PC upgrade – or you can stick through Zombies and Multiplayer.

4. Disable Overlays

If you’re making use of a regimen favor Discord that has actually an overlay, you’ll desire to disable it as it may be causing the graphic error. If the crashes sheight after you’ve disabled overlays, you can preeminence them as the trouble-maker.

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If you’re still experiencing consistent crashes after all of these options, it can be time to talk to your computer system manufacturer, Activision, or a tech assistance specialist. P.S., you acquire 24/7 tech support with a premium license to Driver Support.