Biometric authentication service is not functioning properly hp

Eincredibly time I begin my new HP ProPublication 420g0 lappeak the HP client security setup application pops up asking me to erected a password, "SpareKey", fingerprints etc (watch the screenswarm below).

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But I do not desire anypoint of this appropriate now in this particular situation. Can I disable this application from beginning up automatically? I couldn"t discover a matching record in usual device start-up lists. I wouldn"t prefer to remove the application as I may desire to use it later.




Launch the System Configuration dialog by running the programmsconfig.exe. (You deserve to find it by keying "msconfig" in the startfood selection search.)

Click on the solutions tab at the peak of the home window.

uncover and also uncheck "Digital Persona" under solutions.

Click OK and also rebegin the machine. HP Client Security will certainly bedisabled and inenergetic.

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Launch HP Client Security -> Password Manager -> Administration -> Administrative Consingle -> Increase System Security : disable Windows Logon Security.



I understand this question is old and has actually an welcomed answer, yet I found an different solution to renaming files. This HP suite is hard to deal with and removing it can be challenging.

Disabling HP ProtectTools Service

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and select "Task Manager."Click the "Services" tab and also select "hpqwmiex" without quotes in thelist.Click "Open Services" and right-click the exact same heading from theServices Window.Click "Properties."Click the "Startup type" drop-down menu and also pick "Disabled."Click "Stop" from the "Service status" area.Locate HP ProtectTools from the Services food selection and also connumber it theexact same means. This should disable HP ProtectTools and store it fromrunning on begin up.

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Uninstalling HP ProtectTools

Go to Control Panel > Programs choose Programs and also Features, then pick Uninstall a routine.Select HP ProtectTools Security Manager from the list of programs.Click "Uninstall" and follow all ondisplay instructions to remove theroutine from your computer system.