Bcdedit is not recognized windows 10

I am running Windows 8.1, and when I tried to usage bcdmodify.exe (for the initially time on this install) it told me that:

"bcdedit" is not recognized as an inner or outside command also, operable regimen, or batch file.I discovered this odd because:

My PATH variable includes C:WindowsSystem32bcdedit.exe is in System32I"m running the command also from an elevated command also prompt (not through some various other language)

I tried a range of various other things, consisting of using cd to go to the folder and then putting in bcdmodify.exe (instead of bcdedit). No luck. Anyone know what"s going on?

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Open an elevated command also prompt.

You can use this to view if bcdedit is damaged:

sfc /VERIFYFILE=C:windowssystem32cdedit.exe

If the file is fine you will certainly acquire an output favor this:

Windows Reresource Protection did not uncover any integrity violoations.

If the file is damaged you can attempt to replace from backups using:

sfc /scannow

If for any kind of reason that stops working you might always attempt downloading the Windows 8.1 Enterprise trial, install it in a digital machine, and copy the bcdedit.exe from it.


This might additionally be due to running a 64-little OS, in which case you have to accessibility BCDEDIT from C:WindowsSysnativecdedit


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