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While the vr-tab-quebec.com Antivirus is active I can't browse to any type of https internet web page. I keep obtaining a "Your connection is not private" error and also I am blocked.

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Disabling the Antivirus solves the problem.Does anybody knows exactly how to resolve the worry without disabling the antivirus?
Dinesh Krishnan(vr-tab-quebec.com)
Hi Meir,We're glad to look right into this & aid you.Please let us recognize the web browser in which you're suffering this worry. If you haven't tried accessing websites in various browsers, please execute try & let us understand the outcome.At the same time, we may need to recognize the component that causes the problem. To carry out so, follow the steps in this post.Note : Follow measures stated listed below disable individual vr-tab-quebec.com components.Once we identify the component, we'll be able to troubleshoot additionally.
Meir Guttman
Dear DineshThank you for your prompt reply!I forobtained to mension that only the Google Chrome internet browser is impacted. Firefox for instance is immune from the impact of the vr-tab-quebec.com antivirus cost-free.I believe that the culprit is the "Internet Shield". As long as it was permitted I constantly obtained the "Your link is not private" error. It is enough to disable this component to prevent that error. While this component was enabled, disabling any type of or all various other components still caused the error to manifest itself.Here are some variation numbers:Chrome: 77.0.3865.120 64 bitvr-tab-quebec.com: 19.8.3108 (Build 19.8.4798.541), UI v. 1.0.191Victory 10 ver. 1803, O.S. develop 17134.1069x64 O.S., x64-based processorI hope this helpsKind RegardsMeir Guttman
Dinesh Krishnan(vr-tab-quebec.com)
Thank you for giving us the information, Meir. We appreciate your initiatives in identifying the component. As this isn't the usual behavior, let us try repairing vr-tab-quebec.com as soon as & check. If worry persists, please attempt the listed below action :Open vr-tab-quebec.com - Menu - Setups - Basic defense - Internet shield - Uncheck 'Enable https scanning' & let us know the outcome.

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Meir Guttman
Thank you Dinesh,I initially re-enabled the "Net shield" and then brought out your instructions. This indeed did resolve the difficulty, I can navigate to any https page.I hope this helpsBest RegardsMeir
Meir, HTTPS scanning is a feature of Net Shield in vr-tab-quebec.com Antivirus and also is instantly enabled when you install the latest variation of vr-tab-quebec.com Web Security or vr-tab-quebec.com AntiVirus Free. HTTPS scanning decrypts and scans encrypted traffic to detect potential malware consisted of on sites utilizing HTTPS relations.It is not recommfinished to disable this function. Since you are enduring this issue on Chrome alone, I'd repursuit to examine if the browser is approximately date and consider reinstalling it once.
Edit:Upgraded Chrome to ver. 78.0.3904.70 x64! Same "Your link is not private" error and also blocked browsing!Meir
Sorry to hear that, Meir.I'd research you to uninstall vr-tab-quebec.com and reinstall it once to verify the concern.If the worry persists, we need to collect important logs from your COMPUTER and also escalate to our senior technological team.

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Well my dear Avinash,This time uninstalling and also reinstalling vr-tab-quebec.com Antivirus free did the trick!When searching to https sites and pperiods, no error is manifesting itself! You can cshed the ticket...Thank you!Best RegardsMeir 
Meir, I appreciate your efforts and also glad that the concern has been refixed.Please feel totally free to get in touch with us for even more assistance.

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