Avg virus definitions are out of date

I have a warning saying my virus interpretations are out of day, even though they're collection to upday immediately. When I attempt updating manually, it states it's "checking for virus definitions" but nothing happens. The various other day, it did nopoint after an hour or so.I discovered an older threview describing the same worry, so please refer right here for screenshots: https://vr-tab-quebec.com/answers?id=9060N000000HjhBQAS(Sorry, I'm having trouble via the picture embedding below, yet I had web links to my own screenshots below.)I tried the solution from that thread, by repairing vr-tab-quebec.com utilizing the steps outlined here: https://vr-tab-quebec.com/vr-tab-quebec.comArticleView?l=en&urlName=Repair-vr-tab-quebec.com-Antivirus&vr-tab-quebec.comType=homeHowever, after action 4, I gain this message: "Setup is currently running. Please attempt to begin the setup later." Screenshot: https://i.ibb.co/ykbvTWT/Setup-Already-Running.jpgI found another way of repairing via Setups - Troubleshooting, yet nopoint happens.

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I tried it again just now, and also it said "Repairing" for 30 minutes and that was it. Tip 5 never before happened.Screenshot: https://i.ibb.co/KV4zZPS/Repairing.jpgAlso under Settings - Troubleshooting, there's an option to recollection vr-tab-quebec.com to default, which needs a rebegin. When I tried that, before Windows rebegan, it gave me a message saying vr-tab-quebec.com was updating and explicitly told me NOT to shut down. (Sorry, it doesn't seem feasible to screenshot that.) So I haven't shut down or restarted my computer for a few days currently, fearing it might reason long-term damage or somepoint.Should I attempt resetting to default anyway? Or probably simply a basic restart, without resetting? Is there one more way of repairing?Any aid would certainly be appreciated. Thanks.
Dinesh Krishnan(vr-tab-quebec.com)

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Hi David,We appreciate your efforts in providing us all the possible information regarding your query.Unfortunately, we're unable to check out the screenshots with the offered links (other than our Community link).To share the screenshots right here, you can click Answer - Select mountain symbol - Browse & connect them. However before, from your summary, we check out that either the regimen is unable to interact via our server or the downloaded patches are not applied to the program.Also, we see that a setup is already running in the background which blocks the repair process.In this regard, we'd indicate you to restart your computer once & check if the patches are used.