Avg email scanner not fully functional

I rebegan my desktop computer tonight quickly after AVG updated effectively. To my surpclimb a status symbol appeared warning me about my security.

(I"m still using AVG regimen 7.5.552...) When I opened AVG, the Security status claims at the height of the screen: The red highlighted components are in an error state! Please pay urgent attention to their configuration! E-mail Scanner: E-mail Scanner is not totally sensible.

I checked for updates yet am told the latest updays are set up. I clicked on the Security condition and had actually an Anti-Virus message at the bottom of the screen saying:

(Today is the 17th, so I do not understand why it claims sooner or later ago.) I googled the brand-new database but didn"t find anypoint helpful. Anyone here enduring this problem???

Thank you...abreeze

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Went into Test facility, then Control center and states my email is being defended. Did you inspect that way? Pretty sure that wasn"t from AVG. HTH, Sandy

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Thanks, Sandy. AVG updated automatically once I turned on my pc this afternoon. All is fine currently through my email scanner. AVG have to have actually taken treatment of it somehow! :)

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