Avast move to chest or delete

The Virus Chest is an isolated space wright here you deserve to safely save potentially dangerous records or sfinish them to the vr-tab-quebec.com Threat Lab for analysis. Files in the Virus Chest cannot run or access your device and data, so any kind of malicious code consisted of within a file is unable to harm your COMPUTER.

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By default, records are relocated to the Virus Chest in the complying with ways:

If you run a predefined Alarge Antivirus shave the right to and it detects a suspicious file.If an energetic Ahuge Antivirus shield detects a suspicious file.

In both of the above cases, your Asubstantial Antivirus runs a series of actions which may lead to the file being relocated to the Virus Chest. Conversely, you deserve to relocate papers into the Virus Chest manually.

Access the Virus Chest

Access Virus Chest in one of the complying with ways:

Right-click the Alarge
symbol in your device tray and select Virus Chest.

Move files to the Virus Chest

Ahuge Antivirus automatically moves malicious files to the Virus Chest if they cannot be repaired. You have the right to customize the default actions in the individual settings for each antivirus scan or shield. For even more indevelopment, describe the complying with articles:

To manually add files to the Virus Chest:

On the Virus Chest screen, click Add Documents....
Locate the file you want to relocate to the Virus Chest ('sample.exe' in the instance below) and click Open.

Rekeep files from the Virus Chest

Restoring documents from the Virus Chest poses a high defense risk. This activity calls for advanced user understanding and also is only intended for specific instances (for example, if a vital mechanism file is accidentally moved to the Virus Chest).
Return a document to its original location:

This option will gain back the file to its original area on your PC. We recommend making use of this alternative only if the file is safe from malware.

Tick package next to the pertinent file in Virus Chest. Click the (three dots) icon, then pick Rekeep.
Click Cshed in the confirmation dialog that shows up.  Rerotate a paper to its original area and also include to exceptions:

This choice will certainly restore the file to its original area, and also include the file to your exceptions list. All items in your exceptions list are excluded from all vr-tab-quebec.com Antivirus scans and also shields.

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Tick package alongside the relevant file in Virus Chest. Click the (three dots) symbol, then pick Rekeep and add exemption.
Click Close in the confirmation dialog that shows up.
To inspect that a revived file is conserved as an exception, go to Menu ▸ Setups ▸ General ▸ Exceptions.

Submit documents from the Virus Chest to vr-tab-quebec.com Threat Labs

To encertain your PC remains protected, you deserve to sfinish papers to vr-tab-quebec.com Threat Labs for better evaluation. We recommfinish sending the complying with file types:

Potential malware: papers that Alarge Antivirus has not determined as malware, but you think the files may be malicious.False positive: papers that Ahuge Antivirus has identified as malware, yet you believe the records may be clean.

To submit a document to Asubstantial Threat Labs:

Tick package beside the appropriate file in Virus Chest. Click the (three dots) icon, then choose Sfinish for evaluation.
Select either Potential malware or False positive and also enter any type of added indevelopment around the file right into the text box, then click Send.
Click Cshed in the confirmation dialog that shows up.

The file is submitted to Ahuge Threat Labs for even more testing. In the majority of instances, Asubstantial Threat Labs processes the documents they obtain without sfinishing an answer to you.

Delete records from the Virus Chest

This action permanently deletes files from your COMPUTER and cannot be undone.

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Tick the box alongside the pertinent file in Virus Chest. Click Delete All at the bottom of the Virus Chest screen.
Click Yes, Delete in the confirmation dialog that shows up.

Manage Virus Chest settings

By default, the Virus Chest is alsituated a maximum space of 5120 MB, however this can be readjusted in Virus Chest settings. To configure Virus Chest space allocation:

Go to ☰ Menu ▸ Settings.
Select Protection ▸ Virus Chest.
Click in the text box, and also form a brand-new maximum dimension for your Virus Chest.

The Virus Chest room alarea is now readjusted.

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